TRAPPED in a Pistachios Ad!

Hey audience I wanted to tell you about what is the hell we do what with hesitation who is that does what pistachios wonderful pizzette you think cuz I have a white background the status commercials out what's going on this is my background it's where I do my thing it's where we do a thing at Toby's stole his background from Wonderful Pistachios what no I didn't I didn't still be lies through his teeth you think I stole your background that's that's what this is about yep this is why you appear to me and bring me some pistachios you're gonna I can eat some frickin pistacia Toby should eat some frickin pistachios so if I eat some pistachios you'll you'll go away back into the little whiteness Toby talks too much all right let's do it all right Toby does it with his mouth oh come on how old do you sew my good I'm gonna I'm gonna do another one yes this is already kind of open so it'll be easy Toby does it with the easy ones come on I gave that to you it's not even Clyde I said easy just said it again all right so are we are we done can I finish my video now Toby has a long way to go what what do you mean that bags not empty yet are you kidding me the whole bag the serving size is like what a half cup guys you a half cup Toby does it until I'm satisfied what what okay how many Riga yes last one Toby did it with everyone you better believe it Toby just earned another bag of pistachio Wonderful Pistachios get crackin I am crackin I am cracking hey audience again thanks for watching my pistachios video and subscribe did I just gain the ability to make pistachios fall out of the sky when I say the word that's amazing alright stop no more mustachios serie I'm serious anyway thanks for watching if you don't get what this is from click the link in the description to watch some a-list celebrities and Snooki eating pistachios their own way good lord nicely done I'll be awesome if those another bag of pistachios on my other shoulder crap and that's it bless your face if you sneezed while watching me pistachios bless you peace off pistachios scribe how's it going I'm Toby Turner I just stubbed my freaking toe and this is Q with Burrell what's uh Steven somebody's giving us an iPad to give away in the toe bit away that's awesome I'm keeping that that's expensive
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