TreeKeeper Upright Christmas Tree Bag

The tree keeper bag is the most innovative and efficient storage system for your holiday tree take the bag out of the box and lay it flat on the ground make sure you have your stand nearby to make sure your upright tree bag attaches correctly to the stand and functions properly with your tree you will need to prepare the bag to do this put your arm into the top of the bag or the end opposite of the velcro straps and slide it onto your arm until you're able to put your arm all the way through the bag at the bottom where the tree stand is attached now align the bag with your tree base and slide the bag onto it tip the bag and stand over to fasten the bag to the stand using the buckles or velcro straps for stands with only three legs just use two of the buckles for two of the three legs then flip the stand back over now position your tree bag to fit under your tree skirt for the season locate the top skirt cover which is sewn onto the bottom of the bag use this cover to completely cover the rest of the bag like a tree skirt during the holiday season once covered hold the drawstring tight you can now set up your artificial tree according to the manufacturer's instructions make sure the stand is tightly fastened under the tree base after the holidays are over remove all ornaments from your tree and open the top tree skirt to your upright tree storage bag then fully open and expand the tree bag skirt until all the bags handles are easily laid out on the ground make sure to also fasten the buckles that are on both sides of the top ring and sides of the bag using two people and keeping the top tree skirt as open as you can like a funnel pull up on the bag compressing the tree branches upwards as you go once the bag is fully pulled to the top of the tree gather the bag at the top and pull tight with the drawstring for many trees over eight feet tall you may need to remove your tree top and place it in the bottom access pocket after the top skirt is pulled tight fasten the two buckles on each side of the top ring of the bag carefully zip up the top of the bag if your tree bag is adjustable fasten the straps on the back of the bag and pull tight to further compress your tree for storage your tree is now stored and ready to move into storage carefully lean the tree onto its side and carry the tree into storage till next year thank you for purchasing this tree keeper product more questions or to find other great products please look for us online at WWE keep our bags calm
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