Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting LASER! Before & After Photos!

Hi everyone. This is Anne welcome to my channel this video is going to be on the tria i wrinkle correcting at-home laser i purchase this laser over the summer because my under-eye area is the area that i have my most wrinkles and i'm always trying new products or new devices at home to see if there's anything that will really help diminish those lines a little bit.

I took a few notes on some of the key points of this laser.

That i could share the information with you guys and it is fda-approved for at-home use it's also safe for all skin tones and all skin types and it uses microscopic laser lights to penetrate the skin which helps to trigger the natural process of cell renewal and supports collagen and elastin production within the skin I will put a link to this laser in the description box below in case you want to read more about this product find out where you can purchase it how much it costs and just more information on this product.

The laser is just a small little device and it does have an on/off switch at the top of it and all you do is on a clean face you just glide this around your eye area for one minute and it does have a timer.

Tria Age-Defying Eye Wrinkle Correcting LASER! Before & After Photos!

It times out after one minute and you're supposed to do one minute for each eye and they say that after eight weeks it should improve the look of your under eye wrinkles I did do before and after photos and I used it just like they said to for eight weeks I tried to match the lighting and the conditions as closely as I could for the before and after photos and I did do the photos both smiling and not smiling because when I don't smile you can't see as many lines as when I do smile.

I took them both ways just.

That you guys can be the judge of if you think this actually works or not a couple things that I noticed about this laser is it does hold a charge for a long time it does not glide as smoothly as I had hoped it would across the skin and it does have that rubber band snap type of feel as it's working I do think that I see a little bit of improvement to my lines and wrinkles underneath my eye area after using it for eight weeks I don't see a huge improvement but I think I see a little bit of improvement.

I'll be really curious to hear what you guys think I hope you enjoyed this video if you've used this laser before please comment below and share your experience with it and if you think that it worked for you or not I would also love to hear your thoughts on my before and after photos if you think that it actually worked for me or not because I'm kind of unsure if it actually worked or not I think it improved my lines a little bit but I don't think it did anything too drastic at least not yet but I am going to continue using it and hopefully over time it will improve my under-eye area thanks for watching please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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