TUESD-YAY or NAY? Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

Hey everybody! its Kendra.

Welcome to my channel if you're new and welcome back if you've read it before it's Tuesday top - yeah or nay.

My product today Korean skincare products probably my favorite thing to talk about with beauty stuff.

A couple weeks ago in my Tuesday or nay I talked about the skin food skin food black sugar mask wash off and I picked that one up from SoCo glam now in that video I mentioned that I had picked up two cleansing bombs from SoCo glam.

TUESD-YAY or NAY?  Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm

My cleansing bombs are what I'm talking about today.

Both of my bombs are from the brand vanilla Co yes vanilla. Okay, they're both called clean it zero so. This is what the packaging looks like the cute little boxes when you open it up they look like this. Okay, so. This is the clean it zero purity and. This is for sensitive skin and then the pink one too it's just called clean it and zero and. This is for normal oily dry or combination skin. Okay.

The packaging you know really good this would be really good to travel with because it's plastic and it closes fairly tightly.

You don't have to worry about this spilling the pink one the scent it's sort of like a cherry blossom scent I want to say that sassette sort of a cherry blossom it's not overpowering it's very light it's a very nice set.

The bomb looks like this the original one is slightly pink you know solid they say it's a sorbet light texture uh-huh and then the purity one or the clean at zero purity this has like a very very very faint smell I think it's not supposed to have any scent but it does have like a tiny tiny tiny scent just like a very full like a very very very light floral thing.

Same thing this one is sort of white I think it's just like the green from the packaging that makes it look a tiny bit green but again solid and sorbet light.

I got both of these from SoCo glam the original one was $21 and the purity one was 25 I also have seen these online on and then there's another website called Korea T part I've never ordered from Korea depart they have a ton of Korean products but I do believe that stuff is shipping actually from Korea.

The main reason I'm not ordering from them is because I'm always freaked out about customs and like having my products and a big custom is having to pay all these stupid taxes and all the stuff.

I just avoid that but.

Google AM you know the products already in the u.s.

I don't have to worry about that.

Co glam was great I ordered you know these two products and then this the scrub they came in two or three days super super fast shipping free shipping had a really good experience with SoCo glam.

I would totally recommend.


Anyway, what is this stuff alright these cleansing balms you get a hundred ml of product there is a solid sorbet lip balm basically what you do get your face white and then you know take a little bit of this maybe like a dime sized amount maybe more I think I use a little bit too much cleansing balm whatever type of cleansing balm it is but you just want to work it into your skin I always do this at night and the first cleanse is all about getting off my makeup.

I work it in for maybe a minute and then I take you know a warm wet washcloth and start like removing it rinse the washcloth out remove it again get it all off splash the water in my face and then I'll do it again. Okay, I'll use a little bit more product but my second time my goal is more to like massage my skin the first cleanse is all about removing the makeup getting rid of some impurities the second cleanse is all about like finishing like removing the impurities like getting my skin my actual skin clean rather than just take it off the makeup but then really massaging my skin and just kind of like doing something nice for my skin and the facial muscles. Okay.

I spend a little bit more time on my second client it's just like really massaging it and and then again just remove all of this products.

Basically you know it starts as a solid and then when you get a little bit of water in and you start working it into your skin it sort of becomes it's like milky oily texture a very nice texture I have not any issues with any of this product lingering you know it does wash away very well but your skin is not left feeling tight.

This like. This is very similar with other bob cleansers you know it removes all this stuff it doesn't leave a weird greasy residue but your your skin doesn't feel stripped or tight or you know anything dry like yucky like that.

I always do this twice I always do a double cleanse just because like I'm just in the habit of double cleansing I do think if you only use this once you could totally remove your makeup and cleanse your skin very very well this stuff does a really good job at removing your makeup but I just think I don't know I think if I were only gonna use this once if I was just gonna do a single cleanse I would probably then you know remove my makeup with a separate makeup removing cloth or like my Bioderma crayon water and cotton pads or something just I feel like it's a lot to do it's a lot to ask of a cleanser to remove your makeup and to clean your skin and everything like in one fell swoop.

I would say if you're only gonna cleanse once you know remove your makeup before.

You don't you're not like you know burdening the cleanser with.

Much I do think it would work pretty well but I just I'm going to bed I don't want to have any little bits of residue or any sort of makeup or anything yucky left in my pores while I sleep. Okay.

My thoughts on the vanilla Co clean it zero and clean it zero purity I'm giving these guys a big yay I really like these bombs first of all you know because we have the internet they're easy to get. Okay, like I go I have no idea where to get these in stores I mean unless I was in Korea but easy to order online pretty affordable um I would not pay much more than what I did pay for these just because I know this brand vanilla Co it's not like a super fancy brand in Korea I know like we're paying twenty one twenty five dollars I know that's like really expensive compared to what the original price is in Korea I I don't even know what the price is but I just know that it's very very elevated um but I think it's a really really good bomb and if I go back to Seoul I'm hoping to go back to Seoul next year. This is something I would definitely stock up on I probably buy a couple of each.

Yeah affordable price easy to get it does a really good job removing my makeup I feel like my skin is left in a good condition it's not dry it's not tight but it's also not like greasy like I don't feel like I have to cleanse after I've used this product also this scent doesn't bother me like the green one very very light scent and then the pink one has a little bit of a scent but once you've started working it in it doesn't really doesn't really do much of anything um for me I can't really say which one I prefer I mean my skin is not go really sensitive I would say anything my skin is more unlike that acne prone side like more prone to break now it's like yeah perhaps it is sensitive but I've used the pink one several times I've used them pretty much equally and I haven't had any issues with either of these.

Yeah big yay for the banila co clean it zero bombs really really nice products um and aren't they just cute they're just they're just.

Adorable I just love cream products.

Thank you very much for watching like comment subscribe and I will see you in my next video but.

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