Turtle Beach X41 VS Tritton AX Pro Review

Hey how's it going today I'm going to reviewing the turtle beach x41 s in the tritton ax pros both great headsets but i hope this gives you one side to the pros and cons beach they both have them and this should help you figure which one you want now the both the Tritons and they turtle beach's work on the xbox and the pc they're only the Tritons work on the ps3 now a little myth about the x 40 ones they save me an adapter to use them on the pc that is not true if you just want to listen you can if your computer has a fiber optics you can plug it in and it work just fine. However, if you want to talk you do need to buy the adapter otherwise you can't do much the adapters only like 10 or 15 bucks but it does still work and surround sound if you use the if you use the fiber optics ok now the let's jump into the Tritons the Tritons are really good headset obviously they have 5.1 surround sound but it's a true surround sound which makes them really interesting they I each each of the headphones each side has a bunch of different speakers in it what's the one for the front one for the back one for the side another one for the other side obviously.

It was actually true surround sound now the turtle beaches aren't like that we'll go with that in a bit but they're true surround sound which supposedly makes it a better sounding headset. However, I found that I don't think it sounds quite as good as the turtle beaches it sounds it does sound really good obviously you can hear restrictions coming from but assimilated for some reason sounds better doing also with the Tritons the everything's really good about them as far as sound goes but there's a few other issues that I don't think is good.

It's jump into the cons they are two or three times heavier than the turtle beaches.

They do way hip it on your head.

If you're doing extended gaming hours it does start to feel a little heavy on you but the cups themselves and everything it they're really comfortable.

That's a good thing yeah but it is happy the more importantly though the headphones can start get really hot I'm not sure been slid well enough or what it is but it's definitely designed flawed they get really hot on yours if you're gaming for in the half an hour you're going to start to feel some serious heat on your ears and the longer you game the hotter is going to get and it starts to feel very uncomfortable that's something you're going to want to keep in mind if you don't want to overheat when you're gaming I would always take them off for a little bit and just like let them air off I'd started waving it Adam joking about help I always want to put ice on them I never did all the cigs that I probably would have been really bad if it melted them the electronic components but that's always what I want to do it i mean it gets seriously hot you're going to want to take breaks just let your ears cool down the headset broke on me I'm not saying it's just a try and problem it both my headsets broke on me.

We'll talk about this one first the the mic kept breaking people couldn't hear me at a half in the perfect position or they just couldn't hear me all I kept getting worse and worse and worse until it really didn't work at all I bought a new mic for like ten bucks and fix the problem but then two months later my mic broke again also and also the head the band that goes right on the top the head it's made of platte it's plastic on top and then obviously plush on the bottom.

It feels nice but the plastic broke apart maybe h loose in my head which is a little annoying at that point when the mic work was second time and I had that I thought I would like ok they're going to we're going to send this in and we want it fixed and they fixed it for me they gave me a bit of a run around it was a little confusing to get them to actually help me but they fixed it for free didn't charge me anything I'd probably give them seven or eight stars out of 10 as far as customer service goes but uh.

Those are the main problems the main thing I probably said to defect offenses the main thing I'd say is the main kaun is how hot it gets and it gets pretty unbearably hot.

That also the headsets wire wired which some people that matter some people doesn't.

You're obviously gonna have a wire going from your console to your head it also clicks into powers you need an open power spot forward.

Just keep that stuff in mind if you don't if a wire just going to get in the way you know this probably isn't mad it's a few but if you don't mind wires it's not a big deal didn't really bother me too much if you are moving around a lot though I mean I'm of mind for my pc to my xbox and back and forth probably a couple times a day and it got a little annoying because I'd have to you know it was something like four or five wires that I had to move around and plug them and replug him and it's a bit of a hassle.

But that's something you're not wanting to deal with you probably want to go with the Tritons are the turtle beach's sire moving on let's go to the turtle beaches the turtle beaches great headset also but I was telling you earlier it does have surround sound 7.1 surround sound.

It's even more points but the Xbox itself is only 5.1 surround sound.

If you see it for xbox gaming that doesn't matter the pc obviously can get higher surrounds 10 from that because you can do anything play movies video games doesn't matter the other things about a diet it is simulated certain amount I'm saying other turtle beaches are true surround sound you've got a whole bunch of different speakers inside your headphones with Charlie teachers have one speaker and it simulates where it's coming from I don't know how it works but it does and I was saying earlier I actually think it works better don't ask me why I would just was able to hear where people were better with simulated surround sound than I was with the truth chance around on that dress.

Take that for what it's worth but both of them sounded great it wasn't a huge difference it was just minor um like I was also saying that the headset turtle beaches they also broke.

Uh that's something to keep in mind maybe both them could use some better designing I'm not sure I've had another friend who has drill beaches in his oven ever broken two years but when I first got mine the microphone started poking out on mine as well turned out a result it was a problem with the headset itself they fixed it for me no problem I'd really their customer service is quite phenomenal though I'd give them ten out of ten I was really impressed at how fast they got my stuff back to me and how much hassle i didn't have to go through turtle beach's it customer service is top-notch there are some cons obviously it's wireless and it runs on a frequency runs on a frequency that's similar to your router.

If you have your transmitter which is this big thing here close to your router or anyone elses route or anything like that it can interfere really easily.

You want to try to keep them away from each other if possible the I am mad about I I where my head's at about 15 20 feet away about 20 feet 15 feet away from my TV and it I usually don't have any problems but occasionally you'll get a loud popping noise and it can kind of hurt your ears a little bit and it all really depends on what's going on your house with the frequencies interfering but if you get a problem with it just move your transmitter close to your headset and it usually fixes the problem.

It's not a huge deal but it can be a little annoying.

Keep that in mind it also is wireless.

It needs batteries neath power from somewhere if you buy rechargeable batteries though it's not too big of a deal it's supposed to last you 24 hours of playtime and.

It's not too bad but the only thing it doesn't warn you when it's running out of batteries it just dies and then you're be in the middle of game you're like oh great I can't hear anything and your friends are yelling at you and you can't respond.

It's a little frustrating ah that's the main thing the talk there's a minor thing like it's got a feature in it which is you know mostly helpful but occasionally bad if you set the volume at wouldn't you want to hear your other people talking and if your game volume is ladder automatically makes the talking volume matter as well my problem is if you start shooting up a storm or doing something really loud and then your friends start talking at the same time all of a sudden sounds like they're screaming and you're like this sucks but it doesn't happen too often it usually works out pretty well that's the main thing if I were to recommend a headset I'd say go with the turtle beach's I think you'd enjoy more there right now they've if you want just the exporter once they've dropped in price.

You can get them quite a bit cheaper than the ax bros I think it's about 120 ish you can find them now they've got a newer version of the X already are the X 40 ones that I make.

You don't need to wire going from your headset to your paddle but that makes it.

You have about half the battery life also there there been there about the same price maybe a little more there actually I think about two hundred dollars and you get the ax pros for 160.

Keep it if you get the older model it's it'll save you a little bit of money and you'll have longer battery life and all you have to do is have one wire going from your headset to your paddle which you know it gets in the way but it's not too bad.

It's up to you but i'd recommend the x 41 but if you don't mind a little heat between your ears the chinese are really good hits it also let me know if you guys have any questions.

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