UEF // Master’s Degree Programme in Early Language Education for Intercultural Communication

My name is Meredith Scoggins I'm from the United States and I'm studying in the master's degree program for early language education for intercultural communication I chose Finland because I wanted a chance to further my career and I kind of wanted it an adventure when I was looking for programs and I saw the name of this program it was exactly what I wanted to do to study education with specifically in foreign languages and I wasn't actually looking necessarily to go abroad but when I found this program I knew it was not exactly what I wanted and.

I decided to come for an adventure and to learn more about Finnish education system. This is Erica and. This is where I have most of my education classes it's a great place to come because there's plenty of places to come and study and sit quietly and relax and then downstairs there's a cafe where you can sit and socialize between classes and it's also really great because it's connected to the elementary school.

We get a chance to go over there and observe classes and talk to a lot of the teachers.

It's a really great experience here's some of the second graders we're learning some simple verbs and they were using them with household chores.

They chose robots and got to write about the robots different chores in the house well coming from a big city I think first I was really surprised at how small it was but actually as I've gotten to know it better there's a lot going on and especially through the university they do a great job of helping you get to know other students and there's lots of activities and things going around all the time.

I think once you get involved it's a great place to be well. This is my first time coming to Finland.

I didn't really know what to expect I think my biggest fear coming here was the weather because I come from a place where it doesn't get nearly this cold but I've actually really enjoyed getting to try all the winter activities and it hasn't been nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be I think once you bundle up and go outside it's it's fun the people have been great I have had great experiences with Finnish people and there's.

Many other people coming from all around the world here.

It's great to get to know.

Many different people and cultures.

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