UK try's Reese's peanut butter cups hamper: taste test and review

Hey guys! is born free of charge doing a nother food review today and you may have seen in my I'm not sure which video is I may have not even actually put it and one of my videos or may put it in a video that I haven't uploaded yet but I did give a little teaser shout out to this particular products which is the American rhesus hamper now I think. This is almost all that sort of chocolate bar products and.

We're not going to biscuit some things that may have Reese's in cross products like Contribution stuff where there's Reese's and chippewa biscuits or whatever. This is just the good old Reese's chocolate bars I got this imported from America and a lot of people do these I really wanted to taste them I hear that rhesus is some of the best I've had a few Reese's foods before but none of these really official bars.

I have actually opened this yet at all this just came haha a while since a laughs very iconic orange packaging.

Let's just go through what we've got in here I do recognize these from watching other food reviews.

Looks like we've got a Reese's sticks which is a chocolate favored coating peanut butter cream and a crispy wafer got Reese's Pieces they're like sort of M&M Reese's peanut butter things free peanut butter cups a Reese's nuts bar and a Reese's a big peanut butter cup.

I'm already short want to try first really.

I've got tea on show and the tea is.

I can wash away any of taste of it it's all gonna taste like peanut at the end of the day but just.

We have a good clear review of each product I think I'm going to go with first guys the iconic Reese's Peanut Butter Cup those three of them in here.

I'll take me to the dry one.

If we just open this up I'm not as big as I fall they are today it looks bigger on camera if we will remove the box and then just put what we've got.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup it comes in meeting tool like cupcake wrapping and here is it's like a nice chocolate Syria.

Give it a smell or very peanut see I've had the miniature versions of these but not the official peanut butter car. This is my first time of a trying one.

Let's take a taste of ice.

Peanut buttery and really nice flavor a nice chocolate exterior resource salty with savory and sweet together really really nice. Okay, next up guys when we're trying to reach this peak I hear these are eating a lot over there like the peanut butter cups and the pieces I think are probably the most iconic all teresa's products these are used often on cakes and stuff as well in America but these are really sort of much vanilla M&M candy in a.

Peanut butter candy in a crunchy shell.

I'm expecting this Oliver and M&M is equivalent here.

Like an M&M all different colors and then let's try it on later.

If you look at the interior on if it's going to focus guys but and the interior is like that sort of same peanut butter mixture let go a very nice infinity.

The Reese's Pieces are quite nice.

Far I'm going to try to products.

Far but they're probably the least out of the two up to tab sip of tea to wash it down when the peanut Reese's Pieces are nice but I would probably rather go out and get the cups myself. Okay, next guy's going to try it the Reese's big cup.

Peanut butter lovers cut. This is huge. This is a big peanut butter cup that's just the nutritional facts on here.

Let's open this up I'm assuming it's just a very big peanut butter cup Wow pretty dense well as heck size is a big as weighty that is very that's heavy can feel the weight of it man it is big especially in comparison to z is some dense chocolate already melting a little bit at the bottom it's like coming out.

Let's try this guys as British yep Wow yes.

Peanutty and I was shocked let's do to top quality of chocolate actually it's nice and smooth I was expecting maybe a Hershey's equivalent but that is really good very peanutty the same really dense the ratio of chocolate the peanut inside is actually more peanut coating and the slightly was still dense but less chocolate. Okay, next up contrasting trying the Reese's sticks I bet you never heard of these before everything else in this package I don't know if I heard of the big Reese's Cup actually but anything else I've seen an idol but never tried but these are we see sticks these are like a little wait for read I don't know if these are like a peanut which is equivalent to a Twix bar people know what - its bot ah.

You get to individual pars in the pack let's just take one out that's nice quite nice sort of corrugated exterior sort of patterns blossom quite nobly and let's just try this out guys. Okay.

First off I would say I'm not getting a peanut flavor as intensely as I thought I would actually we're starting to come in now as I told myself I was getting a bit more stupid but I said sort of as you're coming to the end of the bite you can taste it more flavor starts kicking it's. Okay, it's quite a lot like a um as you like a sort of slightly peanutty kick cap without the really quite dense exterior crunch but this sort of wafer eNOS - it's quite nice it is a nice bar it's a little bit lighter it's not.

Heavy as the peanut butter cups but I'm again not the top of my list.

So far I think the big cup and the normal peanut Cups is the nicest but we've got one more product to try which we're really intrigued by because I love snicker bars and it looks like the snicker equivalent or maybe even a lion bark with and by never been like line bars that much.

Let's try it out guys. Okay, guys. This is last on the list like this has been really enjoyable but I'm really looking forward to this last one I think this might be my favorite because I love as I say Snickers bars this looks a little bit like a snicker bar or a picnic bar and or sort of the shape of it inside it's like a line the structure of it but with peanuts and this sort of the Reese's tastes a bit like a Baby Ruth bar is that one it's Baby Ruth bar I think yeah it looks a bit like a baby roof which is like a lot people say it's like a Snickers and steroids but I'm sure it's gonna be even more.

Like on knobbly the exteriors jam packed peanuts with a peanut filling.

Let's try this out guys. Okay.

Actually it is a little bit like a lie bar cut caramel the Reese's Peanut coat the paste knobbly peanuts in chocolate it's good I was expecting the flavor of the peanuts to come for a bit more cause a bit of a strange sort of bitter aftertaste I don't know why maybe that wall maybe it's a caramel or it's a combination of flavors but yeah it's pretty nice but Tech's just great it might even be that shortly no guys I don't know if that's the same chocolate as the ones on the peanut butter cups nor that why they would change it but yeah.

Decent but not as good as I thought it's going to be. Okay, guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it the Reese's Peanut Butter ham couple different chocolate bars there's probably more out there now as I said cost contribution stuff and different other factors coming together to make release inspired products but these are the iconic five they were all really good my favorite would be the big cup it was just really YC and savory re scrumptious I think the best one to go guys if you're going to get anything instead classic peanut butter cups and anything around the peanut butter cups themselves like the big cup or alternatives to the cup that they do something like bite at the most punch of that peanut whereas you Eddie gets almond essence and a little bit of them from the others but they're still fantastic bars um focus for watching this video has been chimes on to free hope you enjoyed please like rate subscribe comment on my video tell a friend about my channel and I hope you enjoy more airsoft boxing and food reviews up soon but that's watching this video see you next time.

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