Ultimate PS4/Xbox One Headset? G4me Zero Review

What's going on everyone a traverse consumer and today I've got a review for you guys of the Sennheiser game zero PC gaming headset.

Let's not waste any time let's get right into it alright guys here we have the Sennheiser game zero PC gaming headset while. This is meant for PC used I have course righted out with my ps4 Xbox one and my Mac as well.

Let's see if Sennheiser is premium gaming headset is worth your money first let's talk about the design the game 0 sports a premium look and has the fancy black and red color scheme that's.

Many love now when looking at this headset one of the first things you might notice about it is the super large ear cups although they are very large they don't feel oversized at all the ear cups will fit nicely over anyone's ears and I mean anyone this helps to provide a very immersive sound.

You can really feel like you're a part of whatever you're listening to the headset also features a pretty flexible design that allows you to fold a headset and even twist it ear cups depending on how you want to use them when folded the headset becomes pretty compact when it comes to design I think Sennheiser nailed it it sports a premium look and it does it well now we know it looks great in high-end but how does it feel I have to say the feel of these matches the looks the game 4-0 has a very sturdy build and feels very great in the hand as well as on the head the ear cups are padded with a leatherette material and has a triple layer of memory foam the ear cups even feature more cushioning towards the base of the cups to allow for an even better seal around the entire ear this of course helps to reduce sound leakage and increase the sound isolation when playing the headband also features the same soft padding as found on the ear cups.

Comfort definitely won't be an issue for anyone using these I'm really a fan of the small details about this headset as the hinges seem very well built and they don't seem like they'd give out after using these for a long period of time they also produce a very satisfying click sound when folded I share these sentiments for the build quality of the mic as well it's a very solid mic which is a nice change of pace compared to the flimsy mics you get with some systems it also features a three meter cable with a headphone and mic input. This is an extremely long cable but there is a strap for those of you who don't plan to use the full length now let's take a look at some of the features you'll find on the game zero the mic has built-in noise canceling that's supposed to help eliminate some of the background noise you typically hear when chatting with others right now I'm using the game 4-0 to give you guys a quick sample of the mic quality and what you can expect your friends to hear that is another sample of the mic quality and the noise canceling ability with some music on in the background as well as a pretty loud air conditioner whoever you're talking to using this mic definitely won't have any complaints and as you can hear by the example you can even have some things going on in the background without worrying about upsetting any party members due to the noise cancelling mic when you're done talking you can simply push the mic upward to mute it and there's a quick and easy way to stop to talk to someone next to you if you don't want your party members to hear your conversation on the right ear cup you also have a volume dial which i think is pretty convenient instead of having to look for a volume switch on the cable while you're playing the game zero also comes with a pretty cool carrying case if we happen to be a traveling gamer or you just want a nice place to store your headset it's a hardshell case.

Your cans will definitely be protected when inside and there's also a little pouch inside that's pretty useful if you carry any extra accessories speaking of accessories there is a must-have accessory for those of you who want to use this with the xbox one ps4 or Mac and that's the combo audio adapter because the games zero has two separate inputs for audio and the mic you won't be able to use both at once with systems without the adapter since you're paying premium prices for a premium headset I wish this was included I understand. This is primarily a PC gaming headset but I'm sure this little cable barely cost anything to manufacture.

It would be nice to get this instead of having to pay an extra 15 dollars for it and for those of you who want to use this with an Xbox one keep in mind that you'll need the stereo headset adapter with this you can plug into 3.5 milimeter input into the controller and use it to listen to audio and chat an absolute must for any Xbox one owner now of course let's talk about the performance I thoroughly enjoyed using this headset game sounds and party chat came in crystal-clear bass is clean but not heavy.

You won't expect any head rattling when explosions go off or anything like that due to the sound isolation the air comes provide you won't hear much going around you besides the game that you're playing and that really really helps for an immersive experience voice chat and game audio both sound great with the game zero.

I'm sure you won't be disappointed you can of course also use this to listen to music as well even with regular music you'll get rich detail amazing clarity and some pretty subtle bass overall I'm very satisfied with the performance of the games your PC gaming headset the only real cons I'd say this has to your average gamer is the lack of compatibility to other gaming systems without the $15.00 add-on and the high price point. However, if you have the cash to spend or you take gaming seriously. This is no doubt going to be an asset to your gaming experience but now let me show you guys what these look like on and. All right, guys time to show you what these look like on.

Here we have it from the front boom you've got the front view and the sides and of course. This is the top now when you want to have the mic down you just throw it down like this and you can adjust it.

It can get in closer proximity to the mouth and get clear audio straight to the mic and here you have it.

Like I said guys these ear cups are a little large but you're going to be playing indoors.

It doesn't really matter much these are still awesome looking headphones or headset.

Pretty much that's about it for this review guys if you plan on picking this up let me know with a comment down below or if you're looking at any other gaming headsets leave comments down below as well and that's about it hopefully you enjoyed it if you did be the cool guy that gives this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel for more content from me and I'll catch you guys in the next video till then it's your average consumer yes.

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