Ultimate Reese's Milkshake : Wreckless Eating collab, Crude Brothers

Fetal bottle level let's get funky in my swimming pool Oh fauna can't you feel it the full the drive rock the peanut butter jumping party pooper shondo alright today we're going to be doing the ultimate resis milkshake as a tribute to reckless eating which is one of the most successful food-related youtube channels out there their videos have been seen more than a hundred million times and their channel has been a who's who of big names on YouTube they've had a lot of big special guests on there over the years including LA beast Matt Stoney not or from freak eating and the channel is run by Matt Zion and Chris reckless.

Definitely check them out earlier they had done a video where they made a rhesus milkshake.

That's what we're gonna do today and we got 30 plus rhesus items that we're gonna throw into our new blender the ninja 1,100 watts of ninja power and we have a new camera.

Let us know what you think of the camera quality these days and how the sound quality turns out we had a new microphone too.

Nickel give us a couple facts about the rhesus Company and then we'll get started. All right.

Cold facts about Three's Company.

One being that they started in 1923 and two they sell enough Reese's peanut butter cups every year they can give one cup to each person in USA Europe China Japan Africa and Australia. All right, and we had we had a lot of fun shopping for this one.

Let's get started through a little bit of milk in there well just for a base and we'll put in more later if we need to and let's let's just start one stuff in there peanut butter. This is the recess crispy crunchy kind of play it by your how much stuff will actually fit ah you guys like yes scrape it off resis big Cup um here Reese's puffs treats this blender is wild it sliced up my hand opening things up let's get this one out of here Reese's puffs cereal just get that more in there we go morning breakfast bar um Reese's pumpkins Reese's minis um Reese's shell syrup Reese's fast break oh yeah magic showery says throw them in there. This is the one rare video where mum told told Nick and I to save some of this for we're always teasing her to try stuff and she never once do this though she went stuff she wants to have some of it white cups Reese's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream scoop some of that um Chips Ahoy peanut butter cup ice cream bars mini Oreos a little later or run out of space little later with stone. Okay, miniatures resis dark dark chocolate here I'll just pour in some Oreo peanut butter cups to get strategic now big cup crunchy peanut butter topping not rageous little Reese's spread me six I'm gonna bust this blender on the first day we use it can't forget the regulars Klondike oh my gosh we're not certain jamming the stuff down a little bit oh my gosh Reese's Pieces resets Wounded Warrior Project limited edition Wounded Warrior is the charity that honors American veterans those oh I almost forgot over here we have um bullion bars mama mom cooked up some peanut butter bars for us and some cupcakes.

Let's just take part of a piece of wanna Beach. This is the cupcake mix just jam a half of the half of that in there butter bar some of that oh gosh we run out of space and then we have this one the giant Reese's peanut butter oh gosh filled don't forget the peanut butter chips or do you already put those and it doesn't look like it oh well yeah a few peanut butter chips. Okay, the giant some of it why wouldn't an opposition not gonna be able close the top and then just put a little bit of a little little bit of chips we would. Okay, that's enough that's enough do we need any more milk maybe a tiny bit more milk. All right, see if we can get this to work uh if I can even seal it oh dang let's try that again got it. Okay, here we go power on ninja ultimate rhesus milkshake oh my gosh the table shakin good to go faster yeah get your glass yep Wow is that this that looks good oh yeah ultimate Reese's milkshake Cheers well it looks.

Thick that's good it was really good it's like the ultimate yeah it's just the thickest richest blizzard you can imagine you know it's almost like drinking it's almost like drinking solid it's just just thin enough to flow see they all work together somehow it's amazing here.

I definitely to check out reckless eating our channel could probably be called almost reckless eating because a lot of the things that we do because the Knicks age are seemingly wild like super hot peppers and hot sauces but because of his age we kind of went to a certain point reckless eating like does legitimately reckless eating wild stuff and when we were talking about doing the tributes it was it was a challenge to find ones that we you know could do or would want to do they've done.

Many wild videos.

This was this was an easy choice I'm getting full already right hit in my hit in my sugar limit people tease us cuz we'll talk about that we don't eat wheat corn sugar we'll try to avoid it what are we doing. Okay, it's no fun being uh it's no fun being good all the time you gotta have a little bit of fun.


How would you compare that to a Dairy Queen peanut butter cup blizzard I still think that it was better I think it's.

Much stuff than just too much stuff for me it just tasted the same yeah yeah yeah it's it's overly sweet yeah. Okay, well the blender held up 1,100 watts of ninja power. All right.

That was the ultimate rhesus milkshake thanks again wreckless eating thanks again all the views and support we've been getting we love you really appreciate it we are humbled every day by your support thanks.

Much and see you guys later.

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