UltraBrite Desk Light with Bladeless Fan : Review

Hey YouTube it is easy prepper 101 and today I'm going to do a product review of the ultra bright. This is an LED desk lamp with the bladeless fan I ended up picking up this product at Costco for was around $30 and I've already taken this out of this packages I took it to work to see how it worked because where I work some of the lights it's in a dark area and stuff and this had this has five levels of brightness and also has a fan because it's been real hot in the air conditioning hasn't been working.

I figured. This is a good combo a light and a fan my wife got one of their LED lights at Costco different brand and that worked out great.

For this I figured with it being an all-in-one I was you know I was sold on it and just to kind of show you the bottom here we're going to zoom in here as you can see it has five levels of brightness then it has a three mode light temperature and it's a bladeless fan for three levels.

A low medium and high it has two USB charging ports on the back and it's a touch.

You would touch it to you know either turn the fan on or turn the light on.

What we're going to do now is I'm going to pause the video and I'm going to pull this out of the box.

You can kind of see what this looks like alright guys I am actually have this on my iPhone on a smaller tripod.

I can film this because the light here is a little bit awkward and odd.

I'm trying to get the best angles for you.

One of the things about this camera is it can be moved in 45-degree angles in all different directions you can turn the light you can bend it to each other way.

That's a really cool feature about the light and to turn the light on you just by tapping it.

As you can see and then you just raise it up.

You know those were moved.

As you saw it got very bright and then you bring it down and then you can just bring it right back up.

And then you just want to find you guys here for a second but as you can see you know the really good LED lights and then you know you can crank it on high light.

Now to get the fin going you just push this little button right here if you can hear that.

That is they should be low medium but.

Low medium and high now for this being on high sitting at my desk today it really did not do anything to really kind of like you know kind of cool me down in there.

I was a little disappointed because I ended up having one of the old fans that has a little kind of a c-clamp on there that is kind of made for bunk beds you can clamp on to the rail and plug in and you just have low and high and on that look for that type of a fan it actually kicked out this just really doesn't do anything it's just enough it's almost like you're kind of I hate to say it you almost like blowing on someone just going I mean you get more cooling yourself down by blowing out of your mouth and you do with this fan.

Definitely kind of like disappointed in this fan itself because I was hoping expecting you know for it to kind of kick out higher you know you know bladeless fans.

You could feel it getting cooled down but this it really didn't do anything to really help me out.

The fan is definitely a bust for me the LED lights is is something you know the LED light is cool because it's a you know where I'm at a dark area but it's this just didn't work out and on one positive note we'll go to the back you see there's two USB you know adapter.

You can just plug in your phone to charge phone or tablet or whatever.

That is kind of a cool feature but all in all very disappointed in this product and like I said before this product was you know thirty dollars and I'm you know where I'm taking it back to Costco and you know to get a refund that's the good thing about it you know it's going to be the good thing about is getting you know my money back for this product.

I'm definitely glad I tested it took it to work try to it just didn't do anything you know I tested it before I took it and I was hoping it was going to you know maybe do better but it just really didn't do anything to kind of keep me cool.

This product is definitely a bust and if.

If you're if you shop at Costco and if you you see something like this product I wouldn't recommend buying it I would definitely you know maybe move on find something else maybe just get an old regular fan that you can just take to your work or whatever but you know the light is good that's a good positive with the three you know the five levels of brightness that's a five that's a great positive but the real big negative is the bladeless fan just something to you know yet that's what I'm going to you know return this.

And that's going to be it I'm usually I don't do you know kind of kind of you know a negative video in a way about a product most products you know you know do my research of stuff and this was kind of when me my wife saw it I was like hey this looks like to be a good product because we bought a light like I said before similar that she had in it didn't have the the bladeless fan.

I was like well that's going to be really good because my wife has it for her work but this I was like hey it should be good for the fan and my wife was like hey if it's good she'll get one.

We're going to like I said we're going to return this and like I said I would not buy this product.

That's going to be it.

If you guys have any questions or comments write them down below give me a thumbs up if this video kind of helped you out if you're looking at some of these type of products or whatever at least this product in particular you know let me know if you like it if you haven't please subscribe thank you guys.

Much we'll catch you guys down the road you.

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