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He's got the toys he's got showmanship and he's gotten sex appeal ladies and gentlemen from the great southwest here's the Guru of gadgets the dapper and dashing Don Bain gadget professor hello everyone my name is Don Bain the gadget professor thank you very much for tuning in I really appreciate it we have a great show for you today it's a gadget that I've never seen before. This is kind of what it looks like it's a light it's an LED light on steroids and we'll talk about that in a minute if you're new to the gadget professor I'd like to welcome you our website is very simple it's WWV gadget professor comm and when you get onto that page if you want you can just scroll down halfway and right there you just click on that button and you'll be able to watch the gadget professor right from the website if you don't want to do that you can certainly watch us on iTunes because all you have to do is subscribe to iTunes and we're on the roku pretty much every glass surface that's out there you'll find the gadget professor the other thing I just want to mention to you is you want to sign up for the newsletter the show notes and to do that what you're gonna do is you're going to go back on our webpage and right there you'll see the newsletter.

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Right now let's get into the gadget of the day and that is gonna be right here we'll take a look at this on Amazon and. This is what it looks like it's called the tur calm air light LED desk lamp with bladeless cooling fan dimmable light dimmer function energy-efficient non flickering for reading three fan speeds adjustable neck and it has a touch-sensitive pad that is a mouthful. This is pretty interesting let's take a look at it. This is what it looks like this plugs into the wall it comes with a power pack and the power pack just the other end obviously just fits right in there and. This is what the lamp looks like it's it's totally adjustable and the on and off switch everything is quite convenient right up front.

To turn it's.

Tall I mean I can put this up and you'll see it's it's a pretty big piece but. This is totally flexible.

That's what the light looks like when it's on and the on and off switch is very simple that would be right here on off and it's touch sensitive.

There are basically four controls that you would use for levels of light.

We'll put this on and I'm gonna put the light on me and I know I'm washing myself up but I'm doing that on purpose.

That's the lowest it will go one two three four.

There's four levels of brightness and there's a little touch button up and down to make it lower.

That's one two three four and again that's the lowest it will go again it's really nice because you can you can adjust this any which way that you want I wish it would go a little bit lower but it doesn't there's only four touches if you will and that's right there high and low.

That's the basics of it it's all LED as you can see it's very blinding but it puts out a nice even light I definitely like the light and they definitely like the fact that it's flexible now here's some of the bonuses I think the big bonus for me that I like this lamp was on the back actually and right here you'll see here and here there are actually two USB ports.

If you take anything that you want to charge you can actually plug it in to the USB adapter there and you are charging away one thing I don't understand is why they did this one side is a one app and the other side is two amps I don't know why they just don't make them both two amps of course if you have a smartphone you'll probably want to use the 1 amp charger or if you have a tablet you'll want to use the higher amperage one which would be 2.2 but that's a real convenient feature you have two things that you can charge while you're sleeping or reading or whatever you're doing when the lamp is on.

I think that was a great idea and I definitely definitely like that a lot.

That's that now here's the part that's almost laughable I'm gonna turn the lamp off and it has a fan and the fan is a bladeless fan which is right in here and again there are three speeds now you're not going to be able to hear the fan I don't believe because it's very quiet although on the highest speed the third speed you can hear it but you're not gonna see anything.

If you look right in here I think you'll see a green light right now the fan is off.

I'm going to again click this button here and there's one you'll notice the light right there on the top and I'm gonna turn it on the side.

You can actually see it's green.

That's level one that's level two of the fan and that's level three I'm going to put this right to the microphone I don't know if you can hear that fans off level one two three the fan definitely does work. However, the functionality of the fan in my opinion is absolutely useless up it does put out a breeze at at best it's pretty much useless let's put it that way even on the top speed speed three the fan barely puts out any relief whatsoever I guess in theory it does move the air around and if you're standing there sitting right in front of it you may feel a slight breeze but that's about it.

In general I really do like the fan it is not too expensive and it makes a great reading light at night or if you turn it all the way up it actually could be almost a room light.

That's kind of nice it will be low energy because it's using LED bulbs.

That's also a good thing now let's take a look at the price. This is kind of in interesting if we take a look at the website I'm just using Amazon right now but they sell this for 50 bucks and it's called the tur com that's the brand name that that it is and it's $49. However, I picked this up at Best Buy at not at best buy at Costco I'm sorry at Costco and it was $29.

It's 20 bucks cheaper and it also had the USB ports on the back and the one that is advertised on Amazon the Turcan one doesn't have that.

I think it's the same exact fan maybe Costco had a special manufacturer's deal where they put the two USB ports on the back I would not have purchased the lamp at all if it didn't have the USBs on the back because at that point I don't think it's worth it but for 30 bucks it's well-made and I think it's a a great value and if you're in the market for a lamp check the one out at Costco you could probably order online but I'm sure you have to be a Costco member and again it's the exact same lamp that's featured on Amazon under the name of tur comm this particular lamp is called ultra bright and it was 29 bucks at Costco and again it's well-made I really like the fan is just a gimmick as far as I'm concerned it's totally totally useless but hey that's why you watch the gadget professor show. All right, let's take a look at some apps of the day and actually some interesting stuff today I think you have some really cool apps aw let's take a look here. This is a an article that I think you're gonna like. This is a scary thing actually it's all over the Internet. This is put out by a slash dot-com again this will be in the show notes but what we have here is an article about a gentleman who actually paid a lawyer 12,000 bucks to take his case to court what happened well this guy sir Massachusetts he's 66 years old and what he did is he sold a used black-and-white printer on Craigslist I kid you not and I think the total price was 75 bucks for someone to buy this printer look I just hit my light there let me turn that off.

What happened is the guy who purchased the printer for whatever reason didn't like it and he got the guy at a point league at legally where he sued him for $30,000 in damages no one was hurt nothing like that but because this guy on Craigslist who kind of knew the law and knew how to sue people sued this dude and it was beyond an annoyance thing the guy actually had to have a lawyer and it's still in court and. This is what aggravates the heck out of me with our legal system but if you really want to read an article that's just gonna send chills up and down your spine. This is a good read the next thing that we're going to talk about is a free app and you got to get this app you have to get this app the reason you got to get this app is one because it's free but more importantly than being free it's called cyberghost VPN and. This is gonna secure your digital lifestyle and essentially what I mean by that is you'll be able to break free from all your privacy and security worries there's over 8 million downloads of this it's easy to use and you can basically browse to your heart's content and it essentially keeps you secure.

It's totally free they have a paid version for a build annually it's 583 monthly and it's available on Windows Mac and the Android what's nice about this about a VP Virtual Private Network VPN is that no one's gonna hack into what you're doing or read what you're what it is that you're looking at and if you're out of the country and you want to watch a particular football game or vice versa you can use this VPN and it's totally free typically they always cost money and you're protected.

Definitely definitely load this and use it it's real simple to operate I did it in like 10 seconds.

Particularly if you're on your smartphone and you're at an airport or whatever you really want to use a VPN I highly highly highly recommend it.

You definitely want to check this app out you'll be secure and it's free if you want to get the paid version obviously it will have more things in it then the other free version did but check this out and now I just fumbled on this app last week and man I've used it almost every day it's called photo sync it's gonna cost you three bucks I'm telling you that right now it's gonna cost you three bucks but what this allows you to do that's quite clever and it works.

Well you can transfer to and from your computer all the photographs that you take on your smartphone doesn't matter whether your Android or the iOS system.

Anything that you photograph on this will automatically be transferred to your computer or if you have some photos that are on your computer Mac PC doesn't really matter and you want to bring those into your phone you can also do that.

This will allow you to backup photos and videos and videos from the iPad to your computer and send photos and videos from your computer to your iPad the features are transfers and backs up your photos and videos from the iPhone iPad iPod touch to all your Windows PC Mac files we talked about that send photos and videos of or wherever you want they're imported directly into your camera roll or into your album that you've defined.

That's all good and to say it works flawlessly would be an understatement I have not had one problem with it it also works with FTP DAV Facebook the whole bit.

If you have liked even SmugMug it's all compatible with that here's a brief synopsis of what you can import to Dropbox Flickr Google+ Picasso Amazon Cloud Drive Facebook SmugMug which is what I use Zenfolio box a onedrive Google Drive SugarSync all interact and will sync up flawlessly with this a photo sync.

For three bucks that app for three bucks was worth a lot more than that to me.

Check this out they have a wonderful website you can watch the demo and if you ever wanted to make sure that your photographs are automatically backed up on your smartphone. This is the device. This is the sync app that you want to do that plus the fact if you have a smug moderate SmugMug account or any of those other transfer items that are transfer of functionalities that I mentioned. This is a great app the other thing is it gets rid of the photos on your phone to give you more room and that's one of the crucial things that always drive me nuts on my iPhone is that I fill it up all the time with the photos now they're automatically backed up.

I can just shoot them and delete and I'm not mistaken I believe I saw a little click on this app that allowed you to automatically delete the photos after they've been sent up to the cloud or wherever it is that you're sending them.

That's definitely a good app to check out now. This is an interesting one. This is an app that will help you clear your printer if you've ever had a printer jam and you don't know why it's jamming you're pulling everything apart if you use this priek you clean app this will definitely unequivocally push that last page through if it's stuck if it's crunched it's not going to do that you'll have to open up the prayer and pull the page out but if you're not sure why your printer is not working just install this and click fix it and that's it it just clears the queue out and starts from scratch very nice app again totally free now here's an app that I highly recommend it's called a flux and I kind of mentioned it maybe two months ago I never really played with it until last night Lux will make your screen kind of kind of like say Ferg anomaly safe not safe but. Okay, to watch your computer screen at night.

You ever notice how people are texting at night and have that eerie blue glow well this will take care of that automatically for you essentially flux makes the color of your computer display I'm trying to lean down from the front like my camera adapt to the time of day and it will keep it the right Kelvin temperature for you 24 hours a day that means you're not going to be blinded by the light and also it will help you sleep better if you occasionally get up in the middle of the night and check your email or wherever it is you're checking.

Load this down it's for the Mac it will work on Linux it will work on the iPhone the iPad and of course the Android.

Whatever your platform is flex will work for you and again if you're at up at night they've done a lot of research and they know for a fact that the bright light that white light that comes off the tablets particularly will keep you awake forever.

Put flux on and it will be economically better for you and then our last app is an important one a lot of people don't know this exists for free it's a free OCR software and OCR stands for optical character recognition and what these programs will do is allow you if you have a scanner to scan in a document or a photograph and it will automatically take all the words and graphics and transform them into a word document which means you can edit it print it out do whatever you want with it and there are a variety of programs that are available that cost a lot of money these five or six programs are totally free and work quite well so. This is a list of these free optical character recognition software that you probably want to use if you're contemplating buying one I would definitely check these out and they're all listed where you can get them and they also will automatically scan in your files and save them as a PDF file why do you want a PDF file because that is easier to send across the internet it's not a large file it's an compressed file and I always would send PDF files rather than the actual document the other thing is it's a little bit harder to edit and basically destroy a PDF file opposed to a word file the word file if you send a word file people edit to their heart's content even if it's locked there are ways around that pdfs it's a little bit more difficult although not impossible but if you want something that will automatically scan in a document for you and pretty much 99% of the time we recognize all the characters. This is the devices these are the actual apps that will do that and you also have the ability because they're not a hundred percent if a word is misspelled they actually have spell recognition and will highlight in yellow or red or whatever a word that's misspelled and then you'll have the opportunity to go into word and actually change that and correct the spelling.

These are really handy and they're a lot cheaper when they're free then buying one piece of software.

That's gonna kind of wrap it up today of course if you want to email me you can do that 24 hours a day seven days a week and that would be the gadget professor at gmail.com the gadget professor at gmail.com I hope that you enjoy today's show I enjoyed bringing to you and I will see everybody next Thursday night.

Long from the gadget professor the gadget professor is produced by Don Bain multimedia communications LLC if you would like your product reviewed on the gadget professor or would like to appear on the gadget professor contact us via email at the gadget professor at gmail.com the opinions expressed on the program by the host guests call and listeners or chatters are solely the opinions of the original source who express them and thank you for watching the gadget professor.

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