What is up guys welcome back to 100 man challenge I guess we called box edition. This is the second episode we doing unboxing the first one was the I take box and this one is actually not a mystery box of any short. This is a selected box by myself I was actually looking for David jumbo shower jumbo sunflower seeds let me assume that in fig eyes and I was looking for the jalapeno hot salsa flavor I love that flavor and there's one grocery that has it by me but it's all expired and I just buy from them before and didn't I really really want to order again and I want to get some fresh one.

I ordered off amazon is this package the jalapeno hot salsa flavor and we're gonna see I saw some reviews it was expired something it was one year expired or you know he wasn't as his package open.

I decided just to make a really honest and see what we actually got versus the expectation my expectation was paid coming from them directly.

It should be fresh should be all packed in everything should be good.

Let's put it to the test I guess that's what you call it and there we have there's 12 packets of jumbo jalapeno hops off the flavor and be there jumbo. All right, one thing we want to check is the expiration best by June tenth 2017. All right.

We all good look Emma like this ok follow them and get 12 pack clipping about 422 any 12 work the box or was it suspect out where the president except this check is a very mature ending up and there's a lot of seat and hey there my favorite flavor are they come great with Snapple Greek sorts of protein top-quality he didn't you know today's one of the best and the district test which drop a few feet and that still we got there we go nice and fresh. All right, guys this was another unboxing episode please make sure to subscribe like it common and i hope you like this new boxed edition of 100 man challenge. Okay, thank you very much for watching stay tuned for more p cell you.

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