unboxing Etude House moistfull collagen cream, ampule essence and eye concentrate

Hello YouTube I am back again with another video today is not about hair as you guys can see I take in my weed out I'm giving my hair a break it's grown he's grown a lot since I got my solium by TT who does my hair and i still have my shoe.

Wavy bundles they're kind of thin i might add a closure or another bundle but i'm gonna let my hair breathe for a little while I have a lot Vietnam.

I'm happy but today is not about here I have recently discovered um something that these Korean women do for their face the skin on their face they have a skincare routine which is like 12 steps along every step has a product.

They use 12 products day and night for their skin and if you see in Korean women they have really nice and around their eyes rarely dark circles rarely any lines or anything just really nice tone and just looks really good.

I got really interested in starting the skin care routine because usually I just use a cleanser that has acne medicine in it I think it's a soliloquy it's all I don't know those big words right there but I use that on my face and if it gets a little dry or whatever I put some cocoa a letter or something on my face just to get the drawing this out but since I discovered their Korean skincare routine I decided to do some research and find some products that might help me control my breakouts more and still keep my skin moisturized i invested in a face brush it's electric it's not one of those expensive ones and I think it does really good on my face it just makes my skin as being smooth ever since mom still has some little problems with breakouts but I'm sure when I diligently started doing this skincare routine that it will help out a lot we're trying to get rid of all this stuff underneath my eyes and stuff trying to stay young job.

I want to share with you guys a couple of products that I got you all know that i love ordering things off the internet.

I found hi baby I found a a couple of products from a brand called etude house which is a Korean brand and they have some really nice products really nice reviews and i'm going to review all the products that i use on my face and show you guys how they work and i'm not going to show you how i wash my face or put them on or anything but i will let you know how they work because i don't want to give my computer wit and all this stuff I'm not like high tech and all that I don't have time from it.

Quickly from etude house I got the moistfull friend that is collagen enriched says collagen is what keeps your face your skin period everywhere plumping nice elastic keelung young looking skin so. This is one of the products I got it is etude house moistfull collagen cream and it came with a free gift that is the super collagen ampule essence like these Korean ladies they use essence like it's supposed to be like a really light moisturizer they layer on their moisturizers first of all like 45 different moisturizers toner after cleansing they do a lot.

I am excited to experience this experience.

I'm going to show you. This is the etude house collagen moistfull cream. This is like a the moisturizer that you will put on your face and it comes with a little it comes with a little spatula theme.

You don't put your fingers in your jar and get it all under your nails and get bacteria in there because that's definitely not good for your skin obviously and. This is what the jar looks like hope you guys can see that will. Okay, and. This is the collagen cream. Okay, i'm not about to keep playing with your camera ok. This is what you would use after you clean your face and put your toner on and let it dry this will be like the third step and just because i just got it i went ahead and opened it up i'll do it for you guys too and it's like a jelly see how would that peak is standing up straight right there it's like a jail God can't see that it's like a jail kind of consistency and it came with a little wrapper on top of it I get to keep it closed.

Long still during shipment and stuff and I took the wrapper off and there was some some on there.

I mean. This is the middle of the day I just came home and I just put it on my hand I washed my hands of course I just put on my hands and put it on my face and it wasn't greasy it didn't leave any residue on my face or anything and I could feel it I can feel my skin sucking it in.

I can only imagine how it how it will feel or how quick my skin will absorb it once when I freshly washed my face and freshly you know doing my routines are together.

So far I'm happy with it I have been totally trotted out but that was just a quick test because I wanted to see what it looks like i have combination skin and i get real oily in my t-zone and sometimes on my chin and everything else will be really dry like today i woke up with like dry spots right here.

I was really really waiting for this stuff to come in because i hate that shit I I do not like that on my face dry patches and stuff and dry skin I can't stand it but then again I don't like to use moisturizers because I feel like it's going to make my t-zone extra extra oily which is not sexy at all.

That was the cream with the little spatula thingy I like that I really really like that and the free gift that it came with is this ampule essence ninety percent super collagen and it's just a little bottle looks like that Kingdom season I hate this camera but um I haven't tried this stuff out yet but what I see it's like a it's kind of thick in jail like but it's then it still rolls around in them and it smells really good both of these things smell like citrusy I actually got a little bit on my nose and this kind of um is really silky is really silky yeah it's really silky actually hmm well I can't wait to try that too and. This is like. This is what will go on after the cream.

Like if you guys can see that moving in there you probably can't my house is kind of dark some can't wait to upgrade for you guys I can have a nice little thing like everybody else have them for their review videos I'm gonna do it up stocking money sighs these videos from this click on spending money. Okay.

My next product that i bought to target like these dark things that are coming under my eyes I'm to light skin to have dark circles under my eyes I don't want to look like the walking dead.

I bought from etude house again the moistfull brand super collagen 64% I concentrates and here is the there we go you guys see that etude house moistfull super collagen 64% I concentrate and it comes in this nice little tangerine box just like the other stuff did. This is definitely a Korean company like all the instructions and everything on both sides picture see those little nice illustrations on both sides are written in their language and then one side is English.

Thank you for that and this comes in a really nice jar. This is a glass jar this the ampule came in like a little rubbery plastic jar and. This is a glass jar to self really nice packaging really beautiful smells beautiful see this this has the little thing I was telling you about like the little covering to cover it up.

It doesn't spill.

I haven't opened this yet because I'm not gonna open up until I actually use it on my face which i'm going to start tonight because you will sleep with the eye concentrate to let it soak in and work overnight.

I'll let you guys know how they went maybe tomorrow or whenever I keep trying to make another video but. This is really really pretty and really nicely packaged it's definitely a glass jar.

I like.

Far I like how they present their products and as far as the cream length since that's the only thing I really tried it absorbed in my face I felt the tinkle it wasn't like a Pingo I thought it was burning my face at first but it was really light a light burn like I wanted to it made me want to do that to my face but I didn't I just let it sit and I just felt my skin absorb it and it actually feels like kind of bouncy where I where I put it on I have a couple of breakouts.

But yeah I'm excited to start this journey and hopefully I have some good news for you guys after I use these products and hopefully I have more products to come because I love my face I have to keep it together that's the only thing I'm working with um no that was a joke but thank you guys for watching I hope you guys check out um etude I did they do have a website I ordered these things off amazon but when i went on the website the ordering directly from the website will cost about the same amount.

I'm definitely going to order directly from etude house next time and try some of their other products they have some really nice-looking packaging things and I do believe that with the things that they're selling our quality because everybody's reviews have been good and the product as far as I'm concerned does what they said it gets into your skin it absorbs it's not greasy like even like my nose right here that i put the essence on it's still silky and it's not sticky it absorbed in already and if these products absorb asked after being out in the day i washed my face way early this morning and I was just coming home and after I came home that's when I my package came and I immediately opened up to see what it was about of course and brought that little amount of products on my face and I felt it go in there.

I'm excited to try this and thank you guys for watching tune in later to see what's going on with these products and more to come. Okay, guys have a nice day.

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