Unboxing Ipsy Pamper Me Set

Hi everyone today I have something kind of small it's the Ipsy pamper me kid this was a kid that they advertised it was up for about three days and they sold out it's $18 and I'm gonna show you what's inside of it I did open the box up expecting something to come out of the box like a packaging and what I saw I haven't gone through the items yet but. This is it.

Its pricing for it see everything was just sort of put into this basic shipping bag and I don't really see anything in it that says what it is it's just a lot of samples.

For $18 the samples looked good to tell you exactly what they were online.

I'm gonna go through them now and just show you the Ipsy pamper me kid and.

Unboxing Ipsy Pamper Me Set

The first thing that I'm pulling out there are two of these and these are called lost baggage under-eye emergency repair mask I think I have an emergency every day that I need these for.

There are two of these there are one-time use each and.

That's the pamper me lost baggage under eye mask from bio Republic and in the next item that comes out. This is a large size and. This is josie maran whipped argan oil it's a honeysuckle vanilla scent this feels like a full-size I'm not sure but it does feel like a large full-size container and it's sealed.

I'm not going to open that it is a sealed container I'm not going to open that right now it's a whipped argan oil I have something else that I'm using right now is a moisturizer I will try this one probably in a few weeks after that one runs out.

That's the Josie Maran whipped argan oil the next thing is cuddly and it's a reverse a tall lift so. This is an eye lifting balm and then there is a Edessa of New York organic confused now treatment essentials and I believe I what I read on this one is it is like sort of a primer coat for your nails and that's the DES a next I have the haba and. This is the mineral hand cream that'll be great for me to keep in my drawer at work I've always looking for a good hand creams and small packaging that I can keep it my desk next is skin and company. This is a truffle therapy anti-aging regenerative face cream small size on that one probably about three uses out of that I'll use that in the evenings I think and more so. This is hey honey walk the walk. This is a propolis foot and hand cream no foot and heel cream didn't read that one correctly.

Pampering for the feet we are just headed out of sandal season here in California it's the mid-september and I'll probably go ahead and use that because I am still wearing sandals right now and then something else from way. This is a treatment mask and then there is a Deco Miami no liqueur. This is a nail file and it has a nice little case for this in as well I actually like that quite a lot it seems like a small thing that always good to get new nail files.

One of those things I always forget to buy on my own and then there is a two-step jelly mask from Meg it looks like it's a peeling swab and then a jelly mask that.

It looks like there's a aah a peeling swab.

You wipe your face with at first and then put on the jelly mask and I am into masks at the moment.

I will enjoy that one and then there is another one this one is oh there's two of these well that's great.

They're 2-step jelly masks soothing and brightening.

There's two of them and that's everything that's in the box.

The two Joey masks the two ira pairs the hand cream the foot cream the eye lifting cream the argon whipped argan oil the truffle therapy cream from skin & Co the way hair masks the nail treatment and then they'll file they covered about everything.

That's it for the IPPS epanther me kit and i'll enjoy using these thanks for watching.

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