unboxing my FIRST skincare purchase

I got my skincare products from soco glam today I like looked outside and I saw the boxes on like my front porch and I was like they're pretty good prices um they have sales I think they're having a Valentine's Day sale right now and like literally I bought this stuff like two days before their Valentine's Day sale went out and the toner I think that I bought is now like thirteen dollars less and it wasn't i bought it which is kind of annoying but there's no way I could've known that they were going to have a sale two days after I bought stuff.

I'm gonna open this and I'm really excited because I've never really done anything with skincare before.

I feel like really fancied like I'm a woman now or I am responsible or whatever I'm just really really excited about it Oh cute.

On the box like right when you open it it says only good skin days and then which I hope is true I'm.

unboxing my FIRST skincare purchase

Excited these things look.

Legit I've never felt this legit before in my entire life the free sample is of the Sun and park Beauty water but I literally bought the beauty water as well so. This is nice for the last like a day longer than if I didn't get that free sample Sun and park beauty water it was.

Cool everything's like written in Korean well and in English foot in both beauty water cleanse tone and lightly exfoliate has natural ingredients derived from coconut corn potato in wheat it's formulated with lavender water rose flower water and orange fruit extract like whatever I was putting some orange fruit extract on my face it slightly exfoliating beauty waters ideal for as a toner before application that's really why I bought it for I things like toner but also add like makeup remover I don't really have a makeup remover and I've just been using like coconut oil which is like. Okay, but it really I just I just don't like the way it makes my skin feel like to the touch and it's like hard to wash off my face.

That's the southern park Beauty water see what it like the bottle can't open it there we go oh my gosh it's like.


Legit looking I feel oh my gosh. This is awesome and then I have this like on my like counter in my room or on my desk people come in oh wow like Amanda really takes care of herself look at that really fancy beauty water she has on to the next one oh this. This is the thing that's on sale now i bought this i paid full price for it and I was like thirteen dollars off. Okay, so. This is the Mesha by francis misha time revolution the first treatment essence now I don't know a lot about skincare I just like. This is like I've been saying. This is my first place skincare purchase ever I've been doing some research the past couple of days and for all I know essence is kind of like it's like not medicating but like a treatment for your skin kind of its highly concentrated essential essence for the first step of skincare to recover rhythm and to make radiance and healthy skin by raising skin moisture and radiance level completed clinical tests for skin transparency moisturizing and firming.

Firms your skin it's soothing smoothing it dallas with your sebum level which I've heard the word and read the word sebum a lot I don't actually know what that is moisturizing improving skin tone firming wrinkle repairing and boosting their against animal testing which is really awesome. Okay, let's see what this looks like I've been feeling this one's gonna really fancy too because the packaging like the boxes fancy it's all silver and shiny Wow I just feel.

Cool it's all written in Korean on the back door positive Oh depositors the first thirty two men two aged thanks sorry for my very poor Korean pronunciation. This is this I'm really excited about because I need a good face wash. This is a foam cleanser it's neo gen real fresh foam green key this one don't really have any Korean on it see any it was made in Korea though this one's pretty simple I mean literally probably wash your face with it and lastly I have the oil free ultra motionless oil-free ultra moisturizing lotion. This is by cops RX it contains birch sap and exclusive ultra moisturizing ingredients to help maintain water deeply on and under the skin Wow let's see what it looks like the bottle cute i love all these bottles they just look.

Like expand see you know and just like um to say like all of this wasn't super expensive for me it is cuz i'm kind of a cheapskate and i'm not used to buying stuff like this like i never spend money on myself and i'm trying to trying to do that more often you know and I just mean like in a good way like not spending too much money on things but just like you know taking care of myself and like being willing to spend like money to to take care of like my skin or whatever but anyways these four things together whether it's super expensive this one I think this look like 50 bucks but it's really good quality and.

Like there are things you know there are things that are like 150 bucks you know for something like this and. This is just 50 book.

It's really it's really not that expensive i guess i guess i'm new to this mia all this together was only like 80 bucks I really liked want to keep the boxes just because they're cute unlike fancy and I like feeling cute and fancy I'm just a small town girl living in a lonely world i love this box to only good skin days ahead.

That was my soco glam Korean skincare unboxing video.

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