Unboxing - Planters Mixed Nuts

This is matt for its unboxed and today I've got some planters mixed nuts now we know the holiday season rolls around everyone has guests and company and well. This is one of those easy solutions for keeping them satisfied and happy diners makes nuts a classic treat for everyone to have great packaging nice little can with mr. peanut on it with his trademark monocle cane and top hat and then as a claim it has less than fifty percent peanuts which is nice as the regularly salted planters peanuts on the side of it let's see less than fifty percent peanuts as I said peanuts cashews almonds Brazil nuts hazelnuts and pecans it's also a good source of six vitamins and minerals as zero grams trans fat contains two grams of saturated fat per serving one man has additional nutritional information yeah.

These are mixed nuts regular serving as 170 calories hundred thirty in butcher from fat but it's it's good fat I guess because it's nuts.

Let's pop it open shall we alright regular lid but as you can see it's got like this bubbly thing lots of pressure in there peel that back and then we got the kind of mylar tin sort of covering on that and then basically all I have is a pull tab pull that up with a satisfying little pop noise and then back in the day if you remember these used to be just in aluminum and it had like almost like a beer bottle kind of open our highly pulled back well. This is the streamlined and maybe less wasteful version.

Oh you're the pot an inside reveals a golden treasure of mixed nuts cashews and almonds and peanuts and hazelnuts etc lots of good stuff quick and easy treat for family and friends around the holidays or if you just want some mixed nuts like I usually do planners. This is the real deal right here none of those generic nuts that you find in the stores. This is uh. This is the pinnacle right here the monocle is the pinnacle so. This is matt crates unboxed and you just watch me unbox up and I speaks nuts thanks for watching.

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