Unboxing: Wii U GamePad 2500 mAh Battery from Nintendo

All right everyone I just got this in the mail today and it's for the wii u it's Nintendo's official extended battery for the Wii U gamepad if you follow my videos you know I did a series of videos about the nyko version I really want to like that battery but that connector was just absolute garbage.


I ordered this through play asia and i finally got it. This is the japanese version but it'll work in the american version there's no difference with it.

Let's open this up try to open this without destroying the package alright.

Gives you a larger screwdriver then the nyko version nothing else in that box there it's all in Japanese.

I'm obviously won't be able to read any of this but at least it gives you pictures on how to do it.

Obviously I can't read any of this but according to the picture basically wants you to make sure the wire is actually inside the casing area or the battery holder area.

Here's the battery now. This is a 25 50 milliamps three point 6 volts 9.2 wattage per hour battery.

Yeah that's the unboxing for this I'll do a couple more videos I'll do a comparison video on the nyko and the Nintendo version and then I'll make another video explaining how to install this in the Wii U gamepad.

Look for those videos like this video subscribe if you haven't subscribed and like always have a good one.

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