Understanding Singer Shanks and Presser Feet

Hey everyone Sara here with sewing parts online.com and today we're going to clear up some of the confusion surrounding snap-on presser feet specifically the singer snap-on presser feet.

When you think about snap-on presser foot you usually picture this right pretty generic snap-on presser foot and you know that it attaches to this a snap-on presser foot adapter. This is a low shank one they go together like this right pretty simple pretty generic you see these a lot. However, singer decided to do their own thing and make a proprietary low shank adapter and a proprietary slant shank adapter and these adapters that their own proprietary snap-on feet now these are all size a little bit differently than the ones you're used to seeing and let me show you what I mean now for the sake of this video we're going to call the singer proprietary adapters and the proprietary feet skinny adapters and skinny feet because you guessed it their attachment bar is just a little bit skinnier than the regular snap-on's let's compare the two types so. This is our skinny snap-on adapter and. This is our regular snap-on adapter. This is our skinny snap-on side and. This is the irregular snap-on foot see the difference as you can see the regular snap-on feet won't work look skinny snap-on adapters and the skinny snap-on presser feet won't work with the regular snap-on adapters bottom line skinny adapters go with skinny snap ons but wait there's more.

In part manufacturers are notorious for not telling anybody what parts are compatible with what it's a big mess which is why it's.

Important we take the time to test the parts find out what's compatible with what and then guarantee it during one of these tests we discovered that the low shank adapter and the plant shank adapter are sized differently.

Understanding Singer Shanks and Presser Feet

What. This means is that even though you know you have a skinny snap-on presser foot it doesn't mean that it will necessarily fit with your skinny snap-on press or butt adapter you have to first determine what kind of shank type you have and make sure that it goes with the presser foot that you have now we know that's a lot to think about.

We've figured it out for you if you have a skinny low shank snap-on adapter then we can guarantee that you can use these skinny snap-on feet if you have a skinny slant shank snap-on adapter then we can guarantee you can use these skinny snap-on feet.

I hope that this was helpful for more information about these feet and what adapter goes with what visit our blog the link is in the description below if you need any of these parts to visit us online at sewingpartsonline.com if you want to come and hang out with our sewing community visit us on facebook at facebook.com slash sewing parts online.com parts googlebots pinterest instagram we're everywhere and be sure to like this video share this video and of course subscribe for next week's sewing video.

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