Unwrapped - BIGS® Sunflower Seeds

You know one of the fun things about going to the stadium is that there's a different set of manners there you can actually drop peanut shells if you want to end the spitting of sunflower seeds well not entirely frowned upon but did you know that all sunflower seeds are not created equal Biggs grows them twice as big as regular seeds watch while the home team's swinging for the stands there's one snack that's getting a home run with both players and fans sunflower seeds one of the nice things about eating are some policies is a nice Crocky bite nice cracking sound in a positive way they're they're somewhat addictive something to do with with your mouth all at your you're sort of past sometimes now chew on this in 2004 that Biggs company came out with a sunflower seed that's two times the size of regular seeds the big sunflower seeds come from the outer ring of the sunflower the outer seeds are the most mature and have been growing the longest it all starts at this farm near Bennett Colorado after the flowers turn brown or black a combine harvester and separates the seas then 50,000 pound truckloads of seeds arrived at the factory for sorting one of the first primary steps that we go through is an air screen machine basically we're aerating the product and taking off the light seeds dust and.

On now this machine's our real mover and shaker it shakes down the smaller seeds while the bigger ones stay in the top bin.

The heaviest seed has the big kernel in it and that's what we want to use for the roasting process next the seeds slide and shake through another sorter that separates the heaviest fattest ones into the far-left slot get this 25,000 pounds of seeds get sorted every hour next the seeds drop into a tank of saltwater brine but. This is no ordinary soap an auger pushes the seeds through the brine.

They get a thorough dose of the salty soup this method of brining allows that salt to be penetrated all the way through the shell.

The longer you have it in the mouth you still have that salt filled to create that crispy crunch the seeds pour into the special fire roaster for machines rose 200 pounds apiece but here's the secret to roasting success if the seats too hot the seed confirming the seed isn't roasted enough the seat doesn't quite have that just perfect roasted kernel flavor profile that we're looking for us.

Bringing that seed to about 180 degrees for a short period of time allows that sunflower seed just had that nice roasted taste at the same time not be overdone or over burnt if you will now it's time to spice things up 500 pounds of seeds take a tumble with flavoring big seeds come in a variety of flavors from bacon to hot buff ala wings ranch and their bestseller dill pickle finally they're bagged and brought to the stadium for all-stars snackers but what's the best way to eat them there are a thousand different ways to eat itself Odyssey most people put a handful in in one side of their mouth they'll move a sunflower seed in the middle of the mouth crack the seed open.

You eat the kernel and spit out the show.

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