UPDATE - Remington iLight Pro laser review

Hey guys! I wanted to do an updated review on the Remington I light Pro I did a review on this a few years ago and it was on another Channel and since then my results have been a little bit different and I sort of have an overall opinion then when I did it then I said I would keep you updated but I didn't but now I will tell you how what my experience was with this product.

It has been about a year since I used it and I stopped using it because um I was replacing the lights in it all bought and I live in Canada and to replace the lights I would have to guy we couldn't order them here.

I would have to get a friend of mine who lived in the States to order them from Remington get them shipped to her house then ship them to my house and they were $25 apiece plus shipping and it just got to be too much you've just got to be to the point where wasn't worth it anymore.

I stopped using it at the time when I first started using this I told you guys that um it was making my hair sparser in spots sorry I keep playing of my hair cuz it's a mess um it was making my hair sparse or in spots um much thinner and I even had some bald spots on my legs which it was really nice and I thought oh I'm gonna keep you guys updated because. This is starting. This is being coming really good um but since I stopped using it a year ago I have noticed that my hair has grown back um it is I haven't it's not thin anymore in those spots no more bald spots and it's completely back to normal and I think the idea with a laser like. This is that it's supposed to completely get rid of your hair but it didn't for me now having said that I need to tell you that I have polycystic ovary syndrome which means that sometimes with people with polycystic ovaries we have more hair growth now I don't know what that means for leg hair or armpit hair I don't know if that means that our hair they're like I seemed abnormal hair grow on my legs in fact I have like if I don't shave you can't really like it's kind of thin and blonde I do have dark hair too obviously which is why this worked on it but yeah with polycystic ovary syndrome sometimes we can be hairier.

UPDATE - Remington iLight Pro laser review

That might have something to do with it that I have hormonal hair growth rather than regular I don't know but I did want to put that out there you know just to make sure make sure you knew that but for me this worked for a while and when I stopped working it we are using it it did not work anymore and things that it had worked on came back and my head replaced the lights a lot.

That is something that you should know if you are considering buying this. Okay, thanks.

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