USB Headset With Microphone Review - Plantronics Audio 478 Stereo

Everybody. This is Billy coming at you with a little review here on Amazon I recently bought this Plantronics audio 478 stereo USB headset audio for 78 I just read the title there as you can see I stayed logged in.

You could see that I actually did purchase this item and what better way to share its functionality than for you to listen to the quality of the audio and.

Just doing this little screen capture video to share with you my thoughts on this product I think it's amazing I used to have a couple of different headsets were always uncomfortable only my ear sweat or just the the sound quality was always an issue these are very very light they're very comfortable you forget they're on after a while and um you know I make a lot of videos for my company and just personally here on my youtube channel.

That's important to me and there are a lot of gamers out there too.

If you're gamers I think these headphones would be fantastic for that I'm not a gamer.

I don't know but I mean for the price for 30 bucks I couldn't ask for better the sound quality is just phenomenal as you can tell by my amazing voice I'm just kidding but anyway, you have this thought I'd share it with you it's a great product I'm really happy with it.

Stop by Amazon put a link to the product below this video in the in the description of this video.

Stop by and check it out you can see it's reviewed very very highly and you know it's it's a great product.

I like it that's my two cents thanks for watching.

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