USB Mini Fridge


You may have seen this little mini-fridge on Amazon and you're probably wondering does it really work I mean I was wondering as well I read all the reviews there on Amazon and gosh it was just a mess really of people saying all kinds of things now. This is made by kind of an unknown company there's no name brand on the box whatsoever.

It's unknown who makes it it says Made in China somewhere by somebody and you know. Okay.

It operates off of USB it's plugged into that laptop back there and it does two things if you look at the switch here if it's on the setting that it's on there on the one that cools and if you were to switch it over to the other side it heats and now obviously on the heating side you would be wondering is it hot enough to keep coffee warm or keep coffee hot and I'll show that in a moment but it's been on the cool setting for about a half an hour and I put a thermometer in there now I'm going to tell you right off the bat it's not an insulated refrigerator it's not meant to work that way there's no air circulating around in there there's basically there's a plate on the bottom I'll show you here there's a plate on the bottom and that is the only thing that's cold in there and.

USB Mini Fridge

What I did and out closing even closing the door is somewhat pointless yeah I should point out there up there in the corner there is a little LED but um. Okay, now how it works first of all I said show I mean it's getting somewhat cold you can see they're about 65 and room temperature right here is about 75 right now and I think that it's colder than that it it feels really really cold when you touch it and everything's happening on that little plate down there that's an aluminum plate and I think the way this thing is designed it's only really supposed to keep aluminum cans cold and that's because of the way the thermodynamics work with aluminum aluminum plate and aluminum can basically the heat would conduct into the can and keep the drink cold now it's not meant to chill a drink it's just meant to keep a drink cold like if you put a cold drink in there I think it would keep it cold but I don't think it would take you it I don't think it would make a warm drink cold and if it did it would probably take like overnight it's not for that it's just to prolong how long your cold drink stays cold.

It's that's all it's for and basically it works it does work I think it's colder than that I'll show you why basically I had this the thermometer as a recessed little sensor there and.

I put this little spacer in there to make the to bridge the gap and I think we're losing a lot of a lot of temperature in that. This is nice and cold but the plate is much colder than that piece was I'd say at least 10 degrees maybe 15 degrees it's much much much colder.

I would have to guess that that is below 60 degrees maybe maybe closer to 55 and I wish I had the right kind of thermometer but I just don't all I'm doing here is proving that it works and giving a rough idea that that it works but now how does it work I don't know because when you look in there you can see the heat sinks basically.

That plate there is all one piece that plate there is that plate it's all big piece of metal and you've got these heat sinks with this computer fan attached to it you may not be able to see that because it's spinning turn it off there.

You have um like a little computer fan blowing on those heat sinks but that just can't beat all that's going on there I don't see any other parts I'm dying to take it apart but. This is this is my son's little mini fridge there has got to be more to it and I will surely eventually not be able to stand it and I will pull it apart but today I'm not going to today I'm just going to say I don't know how it works out here's another look in the back see if we can see anything in there I really can't see anything in there.

I am fairly certain it does not work well maybe I don't know how it works I'm not even going to say is uh I don't want to get it wrong basically it does work definitely definitely chills.

Let's see if it eats be right back. Okay.

Here's a look at heating mode I had switched it to heat and put the thermometer on a little spacer little metal spacer that will conduct most it will conduct a good amount of the heat.

The plate is actually going to be a little hotter than its going to be showing because we're going to lose a few degrees in the transfer but let's open it up and see how hot it gets on the heat mode let's see what we got here alright.

I am looking at right around 90 degrees just barely above and but I think it's actually more like a hundred because I can't leave my finger on it it's about as hot as the hot water from your tap straight hot water sometimes depending on where you have your hot water set hot water heater set sometimes you can keep your hand under there sometimes you can't but I think that it's actually over 100 degrees and.

This would very likely depending on the cup it would probably keep your coffee at least warm you wouldn't keep it hot but it would keep it warm I can't make it too hot because of course this whole thing's made out of plastic and it would melt and.

There's a look at a rough idea of how hot it gets it's showing a little over 90 but I think it's about a hundred.

That's an interesting twist on a mini-fridge for it to actually do heating very interesting but yeah it definitely works it definitely heats and definitely cools.

And it's not ridiculously expensive.

I'd say it does work about as good as you would you might think it would especially running off of us be fascinating little thing I I'd like to know how it works probably in a future episode I will take it apart and see exactly how it works but for now all I'm saying is that it works thanks for watching and thanks for watching.

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