Using the iBall Hitch-Cam on my 5th Wheel.

This is my review of the eyeball wireless trailer hitch camera and what I'm using this for is to assist in connecting my 5th wheel hit job it is pretty simple system really set of instructions and. This is the actual camera itself this camera has batteries in it and a little door here that has a USB port plus the on/off switch. This is a magnet on the bottom a fairly powerful magnet and you can put this anywhere on the back of the truck if you're going to use it for a regular trailer hitch or since I have a 5th wheel I'm going to put this on a pin box pointing from the trailer to the fiscal edge and then the other component we have a USB charging cable and. This is the monitor which is kind of a strange looking mounting method but you just course plug this into an accessory outlet and then you just as to wherever you need now one of the reasons why what was this particular camera over the other ones is this operates at 5.8 gigahertz where most of them are a lot of operate around the 2.4 gigahertz range which is the same area that bluetooth operates.

You know once you get a couple different cameras I mean I have another wireless camera that's a backup camera that goes to the back of the RV.

That when I'm backing up the RV I can see the back of it but you know once you get that thing going and you get a tire pressure monitoring system going and bluetooth in your phone you know to your vehicle because I mean my truck is a smart vehicle your little smart drug I mean you're going to get some interference and something isn't going to work.

With this being at a higher frequency you know you're not going to have that problem now one thing I have mention is I do have a backup camera on the truck. However, my truck is a GMC and GM in their infinite wisdom put the stupid camera on the tailgate. Okay.

Using the iBall Hitch-Cam on my 5th Wheel.

It's not a tailgate I suppose that makes it easy if you're backing up to a trailer or if you're backing up to facility got the tailgate down you put that way down you get a pretty picture the ground for you know one hundred and sixty nine dollars I mean. This is certainly doable you know it's just temporary you don't need it all time this just has a magnet in it.

Just slap it on your pin box plug this in and that's all you need to worry about and I've got the eyeball camera mounted to the pin box.

I should be able to see what I'm doing as they backup. Okay.

We're going to Mack truck up using the eyeball camera it's also a good idea to lock your disconnect handle from your fist wheel coupler because there's been some reports we're especially at rest stops people will come along and disconnect this and.

You might go to rest stop and if you don't think to look you might drive off without your fifth wheel you can also attach the eyeball camera to the back of your RV but I don't recommend doing that when I go down or oco-2 fall off although I suppose you could put a bungee cord or some kind of strap around it. However, at the distance to the rear bumper marginal signal.

It's not really all that great of a deal it works. Okay, on the back preference truck or on the front pin box or hitch in the trailer but thirty feet further away does not work very well.

I don't know that I could recommend using it for that you.

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