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Hi munchers, Easter is coming up so I thought it would be fun to share some easy DIY Easter treats that are lighter and cleaner than the traditional. We will be making chocolate covered strawberries, homemade Reese's eggs (Christian's favorite), and clean as can be truffle pops. All three of these recipes are going to be using a simple chocolate coating which is similar to the chocolate shell that I shared last week but it's actually cleaner because no chocolate chips are required. So it is easily vegan without any special ingredients. All you need is cocoa powder, coconut oil, and a liquid sweetener of choice go with maple syrup or agave for a vegan option.

Add ingredients into a bowl and mix well to combine. Easy enough, right? Now let's get started on the first recipe, chocolate covered strawberries. These are so easy, decadent, and beautiful and you want to make sure you start with bigger strawberries. Bigger strawberries are always better when dipped in chocolate. Simply dip the strawberry into the chocolate coating and then place it on a piece of parchment. Now immediately add your sprinkles or any decoration of choice because that chocolate is going to harden pretty quickly especially if those strawberries are straight from the fridge. Now just repeat until you have all of the chocolate strawberries you could ever possibly want.

Easy peasy. Whoever gets these as a gift is bound to be impressed by you don't have to share if you don't want. Next up my chocolate peanut butter Reese's eggs. For this recipe I let the chocolate coating mixture sit in the fridge for a few minutes to thicken up because it will be easier to work with also because the base of the chocolate coating recipe is coconut oil you're going to have to play with it a little bit to see how it functions with your temperature and climate. You'll need a candy mold like this one which I will link in the description box below. I chose mini eggs because I wanted to make them small, portion control, but you can really use any mold you'd like.

Spoon your chocolate coating mixture into the mold and use your spoon to coat the sides, we don't want it to pull up in the middle because we need room for the filling. Transfer to the fridge for about five minutes and allow to set. While that refrigerates let's make our peanut butter filling.

You will need peanut butter, peanut flour or PB2, coconut flour and a sweetener of choice. Mix well to combine and Oh! don't forget a pinch of salt and remember all of the recipes I'm sharing can be found in the PDF that is linked in the description box below or on Remove your candy molds from the fridge and fill with just a little bit of that peanut butter filling mixture.

Then you can simply finish off the tops with a little bit more of that chocolate coating. Transfer to the freezer and allowed to set for a few hours or overnight. When you're ready to eat them take them out of the freezer and then I had a little bit of trouble getting them out of the mold at first but they did pop out. If you feel so inclined a silicone mold may make it a little bit easier but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to make these cute little small eggs and I could not find a silicon mold that was that size. Thumbs-up for actually getting them out. Plus look how cute they turned out and I promise they are delicious. Enjoy immediately or you can store in the freezer for later. Alright last but not least we have got truffle pops.

We're gonna start by making my ganache. In your food processor combine nuts, date and I do recommend soaking your date if they are not already soft this is gonna help them blend up easier in the processor, cocoa powder, coconut oil, and salt. Let it blend. Use a small cookie scoop to get out just the right amount of ganache and roll it up into a ball. You will need a little cake ball stick and any stick really. I got these on Amazon and I will link them in the description box below. Poke your ganache ball with one of the cake ball sticks and then transfer to a piece of parchment paper. You're gonna repeat until you're out of the mixture and then let them freeze up for just a few minutes.

Remove from the freezer and then you're gonna dip them directly into the chocolate shell mixture and don't forget to add the sprinkles quickly because the chocolate coating will harden up. Then you can just return them to the piece of parchment paper to dry and repeat with the rest of your pops and if you're not nuts about sprinkles because I know they're not super clean you could always use cleaner ingredients like coconut shreds or goji berries. Which treat are you most excited to try? Comment below and let me know and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. If you try out any of these recipes or my other recipes don't forget to tag me on social and remember for more behind the scenes goodies, free and discounted ebooks, the opportunity for us to become pen pals, or if you want me to follow you on social check out how to become a patron to my channel using the Patreon link in the description box below. I will see you next week for a new long requested episode and remember especially when it comes to Easter treats it's all a matter of Mind Over Munch.

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