Vera Sweeney's iLIGHT Pro Review

Hi it's Vera Sweeney from lady in the blog and I am super excited about this product I am a laser hair removal queen I don't know if that's the right way to say it but many years ago right after I had my daughter or actually right before I had my daughter I started the treatments for laser hair removal on my legs I did my full legs and it took me a really long time because I got pregnant and you're not allowed to do it when you're pregnant.

It ended up taking me a little over two and a half years to actually complete the process but I can tell you that it is an amazingly wonderful technique it works I hardly shave anymore and the hair that comes back it's it's.

Super fine that you know you can go a whole summer without shaving it if you really wanted to but I still shave it every now and then but still it's.

Worth your effort your money your time now products at home up until now I haven't really seen good results the Remington I light Pro is a new product that I just tested out pretty much mimics the process that you would experience if you went to an esthetician center the system comes with these cartridges you get one you put it inside the machine.

Vera Sweeney's iLIGHT Pro Review

What I really like about the machine is you're able to test the area that you're interested in using by this color code.

You put your skin over this region it tests the color and if it's appropriate and if it feels like it's gonna have results for you it'll tell you that it approves that section which is really nice because you're not having that one-on-one consultation at home hold it straight down to your sister into your arm or wherever you're going to do it and there's these two sensors on the side and it will only work if it's completely positioned properly which means both sensors are touching your skin and you press the button and when you press the button it'll make a sound to let you know that you you're holding the device properly and then it admits the light and I actually I did my bikini line I gave us a shot and I'm telling you the the feeling is not as intense or painful as it when you if you went and got it done professionally but there is a very similar sensation which makes me understand that this this machine works like the laser huge machine that you would use from a center before you use this system if you read the instruction booklet there's a full instruction booklet for you to go through you're not supposed to Nair or wax.

You're just really supposed to shave.

No matter what area you're doing you should shave and when you shave it cleans the hair out and it makes the system not hurt as much because it's not burning the hairs off the surface of your skin and another thing that I want to point out when you get the box it actually shows you the skin colors that they tell you to not use the system on.

They're very clear about who's able to use and not use the system and the results lasts up to six months which is a definite score it's clinically proven and its FDA approved which is always nice to hear and you can use it men women any area any region whatever works it's good to go for more information please visit I light procom.

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