Hi everyone it is Tracy thank you for joining me for my first birthday bash for celebrating my first birthday for craft junkie to calm doing some videos with you today I have the sweet treats cartridge and when provo path first came out that they were going to release this one I was like and I really want that one I don't think I need it but let me tell you it is packed full of just yummy sweet treats.

Says the name of just awesome cupcakes ice cream cones flowers just page titles for it's just awesome little cartridge. All right, what I want to do with you for this one is I want to do a creative function key that here is like in my little tic-tac-toe box and I want to do the card now what I have is I want to use an eight and a half by 11 in my expression and.

What I need to do is I want it to cut I want my machine to cut as big as it can on this paper.

What I need to do is when I take my mat i am going to line it up you see here and there's a little triangle right here I want to put it in the corner in the lower left ankle sorry in the lower left-hand corner so. This is what I have. Okay, yes this right here is going to be blank go ahead and load this into my machine now what I need to do is I need to tell my machine that I want it to start cutting here otherwise it will start cutting here because the machine will think that I have a 12 x 12 sheet.

That's what these arrow keys are for.

I'm just going to go ahead and move my blade over until it gets to where I want it to start cutting and then I'm going to hit my fit to page button. Okay, then I'm going to hit set paper size or you can do it first set paper size because what it does is it tells the machine that. This is where I want it to start cutting it fits a paper size or fit to page rather fit to page how safe it to paper sighs I'm sorry bit to page.

That it knows that it will cut that function out as big as I is as big as it can. All right. Okay, my machine has finished cutting out my vanilla cupcake I call it vanilla because. This is the paper that I've chosen to use you can see that's what it's done it has cut out as big as it can for an eight and a half by 11 if you use a 12 x 12 it's going to cut it out a little bit bigger. All right, it does it has given me some little score marks.

That i can go ahead and score my cupcake but i'm going to put that to the side for just a second go back to my handbook i need to cut out we need to decorate our cupcake now. Okay.

What I want to do is I want to cut out the paper liner and I'm also going to cut out the layers and going to cut out the little squirrely q right there.

Let me show you. Okay, now i'm going to use my cuttlebug and just give it some embossing you need to put your a plate bottom and then you need to have to be plates i have my little cupcake liner here my little layer go ahead and give it some your custom in folder will also go in your machine sideways.

I'm going to emboss half go ahead and line that up got my a plate my beat my to be plates whoops put that in there right go ahead and run that through my cuttlebug machine and opening that up. This is what I have I have the stripes the exact way that I want them.

Now what I'll do is I will just turn it over and emboss the other half and it's. Okay, to me if just a little bit of it overlaps that doesn't matter to me but if it matters to you just make sure that you measure a little bit more make sure that your the amount that you want is in there as far as how much you want to my boss.

Just running that through my little cuttlebug machine again. Okay, and that gives me exactly what I want I want it the texture going up and down and not sideways.

Depending on how you hold your paper that is exactly the point that I want to get across ok move this out of the way. Okay, what I've done now with my little layer I have just taken some white ink and I've just given it just a little bit of a white distressed color to it just kind of picked up on those distress strikes. Okay, have my little card going to go ahead and put that together you I have decided to ink the edges using some brown ink just to kind of give it just a little color on the edges. Okay, now just to finish my card I have a brown marvy marker that I just want to give just a little doodling to to my cupcake too strong some little squiggly lines just giving it just a little at it I found these little mini pop dots over at Michaels I think yeah Michael's anyway, adorable little pop dots little mini pop dots sorry don't mean to be rambling. Okay, now it's time to put the little finishing touches on it I had the my pink stamper stamps the simply sweet occasions I'm going to using two stamps out of there this one is the sweet wishes from the simply sweet occasions using some brown ink I'm going to go ahead and stamp that before I put my little frosting on just put that there in the corner it just says sweet wishes. Okay, then the next one that I'm going to use is it's it's called made by me.

Cute little stamp this has made by me Andy would be me.

Just opening my little car to put it right there made by me.

Then you can sign it using my little brown marker again you can sign it may be put the year on there if you want it.

That they can look at it until that it's a handmade card but if you sign it it makes it even more special.

Now it's time to put the little frosting on the little got quite a few little mini pop dots on there I like that they get in those little bitty little bitty sections I don't want to put it up too high because you don't want out for the inside and go ahead and decorate that also i have another border punch here punch around the page is the eyelet lace by Martha Stewart I think. This is a rather new one I think anyway, I'm just going to pinch the corners you put happy happy birthday and that on there what I like about these stamps is that they're small enough that it gives you just a little sentiment without it being.

Big and bulky I really like that. Okay.

Here is our card I hope that you've enjoyed this and go ahead and write a little message in there inside for your sweet person and stick a little gift in there or make this your gift along with something else alright we will see you in the next video thanks for watching everyone bye you you.

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