Vita Liberata pHenomenal Bronzing Mousse with Mitt with Amy Stran

And the first thing that took me by surprise was she had an Irish accent and I thought who is this impressive Irish lady was just changed the way we self tan Phi impress if you mean told don't you a giant but no everybody keeps saying why on earth would an Irish person use time but we are all light bulbs in Ireland you know like people just like the world if you put us all together we are.

White and.

That's why exactly why the Irish they refer to needing this color it's not that it's not like a request it's not a delight it's a need because they got such very fair skin and.

They the blue vans can come through and that sort of thing.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Bronzing Mousse with Mitt with Amy Stran

When I was asked at first would I think about making tanning I said telling are you free sir Tony Manning is sticky streaky orange smelly stuff there's no way I am making tanning and but anyway, they kept requesting.

I thought well look I will take this seriously I'll go into the lab and I'll really make an effort to see if I can actually fix everything that's wrong with tanning because that is one of it it must have been made by man no harm to the man but like it really it must have been made by man because you know the smell yes like who would do that well you know when we say perfecting longer-lasting anti-aging natural color odorless easy to apply.

Let's go shopping for it featured price of forty four dollars and ninety six cents we just got more back in stock because it really is the new way that we are all choosing to self tan and just.

You know here at QVC we do have a better price I'm just bragging once again because you're getting that over four ounce size that normally sells for fifty four dollars for ten dollars less here and we're including the mitt that will change your self tanning process.

Alpha I'd love for you to walk us through the choices because that's another thing with self-tanner it was always a one color fix all and that's not the case with your brand no it's not because actually people want to get a different color.

It's not about what color you are to start with it's about how much darker you want to get.

If you just want that little bit of a sun kissed glow choose the fact. Okay, and there's not a lot remaining in the fair parent I writers are really really shopping tonight oh don't wait on the fair do it not then if you want at kind of like two days three days weekend in the Sun choose the medium and if you want a week in the Sun you know you've been to the Bahamas it's been gorgeous then go for the dark if that's what you're looking for.

It's a rightful how much darker you want to get what do you think that we can look at models and continue to talk about you deliver on at the same time because I I am head to toe and vita liberata it's always Alison but let's put it to the test on the girls tell me about your technology it's incredibly different than what else is out there yes we've got quite a lot of really really impressive technology let me just get that mitt here and they product I've hide behind you there Monica and.

So what it is about our technology we've got the pheno too that's the technology that makes it really long-lasting. Okay, then we've also got and. This is really important we've also got the auto remove technology and that for me was one of those really really important things we had to get rid of that smell I mean I mean really know that had to go and then the other thing was that we had to make it really really easy to apply and quick-drying which is what i'm going to show you know and we're all wearing white by the way because when Alison says quick drying she's not kidding I know we estimate a minute but I don't ever count a minute I am done applying and I get dressed end of story.

Yeah and the whole thing about abide applying the the town and making it.

Easy and quick to dry is that then you can get dressed and you can go about your business because I don't know about you but I certainly do not have the time to be saying. Okay, well.

I'll factor in wednesday night for a tan then no I don't have that dying yes I want to throw on my tan in the way that I throw in my makeup you know get it on and go about and do your the rest of your business.

That is how easy it is to do and there you go just shows the two difference so. This is also very interesting I think look I let's see here so. This is medium. Okay, and you can see just how natural it is going on because I think sometimes people get a bit scared whenever they see the dark color coming on yes but actually it goes very very sheer on the skin and then it develops over time and as you know it dries like this.

That I mean that it doesn't come off on your clothes you had at an early yes she's not washed off yeah everybody wants to know what shade i'm wearing.

I want with the medium and then i did in fairness like or darken up my my face.

Just because with my foundation i like to have a little darker face but if you really look at my body that's the wonderful medium shade yeah yeah and it's.

But you see it's.

Lovely to use amazing.

It's completely dry and I don't smell and my favorite part about using vita liberata allison is the fade right it never splotches up it doesn't disappear in like a it's gone it fades.

Nice look thank you yeah well you're very welcome but there is a reason for that and it is all of those extracts that we use.

Let me let me tell you by the extracts while I'm turning up Renee there as well. Okay, just give me a second no paddle and I well remember right in front of you sorry. Okay, by the way over two hundred orders place remember don't wait on that fair there's just about a few dozen then it goes medium and then it goes dark but you get them it and you get it all for ten dollars less than at your other traditional retailer.

I'm you know they're.

There you go that's how easy it is to go on again. This is just the medium and.

Yeah you were saying about the faith.

The pate is.

Important to what we did was we said well look you put this across your whole body.

Let's make it an to gauge.

We put in John yeah in a self tanner no but like of course because you're cooking but you're putting they'd all cross your whole body secretly of course I rid of that smell of course making anti-aging of course.

What we did was we put in hyaluronic acid we put in aloe vera we put in cucumber papaya raspberry pomegranate and then of course vitamin E that let all of your guests are.

Yes linear with you and can I just say look at the difference I'm March is coming to an end in a few days and.

If you want to do skirts if you want to do shorts if you want to do capris look at how attractive this leak is with no offense that other like that was me just a matter of minutes it's always my leg to my veins I don't want people to see my veins I don't want people to think oh gosh wises go out the BBQ and she's never been in the Sun I love that this makes me feel young it makes me feel toned it makes me feel trimmed and the thing is that what you want to do is be able to put it on and go and that's the whole point is we do see Thea cuz already running out of time he orders less Crown Affair this. This is a big trick with you ok Sofia is looking beautiful isn't she yeah I swear that those were her own legs well they are your own legs clearly you're standing on them there are her legs but Jose Jose there.

It's not lovely her to show you my tan line yeah I was not wearing shorts with a Channing.

I'm just gonna say that but yeah good high five to you i love you can go back oh please please either yes it is obtaining like you've never done it before i kid you not suggest at least get it home and try it let's call in the fair a bit more in the medium and a bit more in the dark Alison thank you very much thank you for vita liberata ng me that's what I'm gonna call it you know it's.

Nice one when people work really really hard to change beauty items and that's kind of the next idea with our tattoos too you're gonna be.

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