Vita Liberata pHenomenal Bronzing Mousse with Mitt with Shawn Killinger

Light bulb she's normally light both she's known as a shade of a light bulb Allyson hog is here she's the founder of this brand Vita Liberata she now is working on. This is the 2015 year.

She is about to pick up her soon-to-be second Queens Award I know for incredible innovation of course she will be going to see yet again the Queen of England to get this award for a product that she invented we here at QVC have featured it.

Many times and yet tonight I should share with you last month featured price last day you're going to get the easy pay this month of May. This is the self-tanner that fades evenly that doesn't streak that doesn't smell that looks really real and you're like yeah I've heard all that before wait this lasts four times longer the tan that you get from it than the other self-tanning dudes yeah next yeah a special technology we have lots of special technology in the tan and that's really important because it does all of the things that you want from a tan because what you don't want from a town what do you not like you don't like the stickiness you don't like the streakiness you don't like the unnatural look of the tan and you don't like that patchy fit we call it in Ireland snakeskin you call it splotching yeah yeah scaly as if it's Kalei and I thought. This is this is just horrific I mean why would anybody want to use that.

You wanted a good tan I'm going to show you it's.

Vita Liberata pHenomenal Bronzing Mousse with Mitt with Shawn Killinger

So easy to apply I'm gonna ply it on myself.

What you do first of all is put some tanner on your mitt and squeeze the mitt to distribute I think that's really really important and then a little bit more takes about two pumps per limb I find and on you go and it's literally as easy as that. This is a hot pick on our day yeah it is the easiest thing to I will share with you that we are going to walk you through how you choose a shade because you're choosing fair yeah medium or dark that pertains to the color you want to meet me not the color you started with.

Hank no matter who you are no matter what color you are you can use any of the shades and they're going to be really really lovely can I show you we tip yeah one of this yes here you go so. This is a girl that's her normal skin.

She's in Ireland we call her a medium tone I know that in America you probably ought to call her but that's right actually quite a good color for us in Ireland.

There she is she uses the light she gets a little bit darker like maybe the equivalent to a day in the Sun then he uses the medium she's going to go a good weekend in the Sun and then she uses a dark and that's a full-on holiday she's been to the Caribbean like you Wow.

Keep in mind what we call light on your screen is actually called fair. This is a brand Vita Liberata which means liberated life because the whole point is we want to liberate you from the tyranny of a bad time because everybody wants to look healthy everybody wants to look better but you don't want all the compromises can I show you we trick yes you see when there's nothing left on the glove but can you think there's nothing left there is and that's when you tan the back of your hands and what you do is you just put a little bit on the back of your hand and then each finger in turn. Okay, like.

Always avoid the heel of the hand go rind the bottom of your wrist and then one last trick take a wet wipe. This is the really really clever thing and wipe each of your knuckles in turn that is how you have a perfect time hand we call a Vita hand every hand.

Here's the deal this bowl of fruit is here take a quick mental snapshot because we're going to walk that way while talking about the bowl of fruit because not only is this the Tanner invented by an Irish woman named in Italian sold in the US completely celebrity beloved and getting now a an English UK award we're tired of being Noble we're telling you I just got whiplash from all the countries we just visited it's not only the one that lasts four times longer.

You're not beholden to having to reapply it every day and every other day it is laden with what's in that fruit bowl the anti-aging anti-aging and grating yeah ingredient because let's face it you're putting it across your whole body and if you're going to put it across your whole body it needs to be please have lots of good things in it and it's those lots of good things that make it.

So easy to apply they make a dry on contact they make it the most natural looking thing and what I really love about this. This is my pet thing about the tan is that it looks completely natural going on.

You don't have that weird kind of effect it's completely not sure if you just put one to the other do you see how lovely and natural it is it's a real thing look at me I'm instantly dry by the way exactly I'm just going to do a tissue test before you do the tissue test reminder.

The reason why. This is in the show tonight tonight tonight is that. This is not only the last month we're offering a feature price. This is the last day of May is made windle's down that we're allowing you to get this home try it on the EZ pay a Tanner that last four times as long in your choice of fare medium or the dark awesome shot as other competitive Tanner's plus it is anti-aging skin care for the body you can also use it for the face and what is the tissue test and.

The tissue test what it is is that everybody says I yeah yeah yeah it drives in fact we did one yesterday and somebody said to me and I came off I really must get some of your tanner but you know like they all take a while to dry and I said look feel this where do you see.

There you go you watch me just put it on Thea there you go up and down up and down up and down not a thing not a thing it's completely dry and I think that that is what's really really important because whenever you are in the heat whenever you get hot like me just randomly what the hell is that about I don't know I'm going anyway, then you want to be dry you don't want to have that sticky heavy feeling and that's what's.

Important about our technologies.

We've got that super dry technology fast dry technology we've got the auto remove technology.

It smells of nothing I always say to people it doesn't have a good smell it has no smell and that's really important and whenever I'm Allison is here I always typically ask her two questions and by the way a reminder since a lot of the things that are awesome about this the EZ pay in the price are going away at either the end of this day or the end of the month auto delivery is available one of these Witham it will come to you every single 60 days for one year that's not only awesome now that's super awesome when in fall in winter you I think like me get your pay list and yet oddly it's this reverse you hardly ever see self-tanner on the air then because it's no longer summer and yet then Allison is when there's a very joint in your mouth right.

Salutely delivery allows it to keep coming with the two questions I always ask you when you're here is a how does a gorgeous lovely Irish woman invent a self-tanner and then how does she invent one that lasts four times longer like weeks longer than the other self tanners. Okay, well first of all if you think about it if you think about it it's really obvious that an Irish person who is generally the color of the light bulb as is the entire nation if you put us together we would just be a torch for the world.

It's really obvious that we would be the ones who would work hard enough to make it perfect because that pale our skin is the hardest skin in the world to tan.

That's the first thing the second thing the pheno to technology the ODA removes these are really really really big secrets I would love to tell you how to do it but if if I did know it would be doing it well you know we've got it like like we gotta keep its trim but it is really really effective and the thing is it lasts four times longer.

If you get one to two days from a time then we can maybe get you four days which if you get one to two days is a huge amount of time it's an entire long weekend but if you get five to seven days out of a tan then we're getting you the entire length of a holiday from the tan and that is superb it's a superb wonderful thing what are we shown here.

Here we are showing what do you call it and we call this peekaboo.

What. This is is that Jill you put your shorts down there.

Now jill has got two perfectly timed legs look at that don't they look completely real and natural that looks like she is that color but actually Jill what color are you really peek-a-boo yes Plus no there's nothing wrong with being that color but actually if you got really close you could see that that Jill in fact like because she's very pale you can see those little blue veins coming through and what we want to do and the older you get the more those blue veins are clear and what you want to do is try to cover up your leg and make it really beautifully bronzed natural brine not orange brown it dries instantly which is awesome plus I would like to just share my own self-tanning tip and it's called everything is better browner it's.

True I mean I'm not joking lock the bathroom door naked who'd it ever where it's.

True it is.

True we're going to take a call Ellison because the cool thing is is that since launching here on QVC which was not long ago I might add and you know I name-drop last time you're on and and will be tonight I won't but if you just want to google vita Liberata and celebrities you'll see quite a few names you recognize yeah they love this tan Sonja in Pennsylvania is one of our shoppers who I think is Sonia Han.

Sonia welcome on in tutus night beauty it's Allyson hog and Shawn hello hi I really wanted to say when you had the presentation the first time I win like yeah yeah the same thing that doesn't smell but it lasts and when I got it home I said well let me try it and I did exfoliation and all that and it was the most unbelievable experience II really think I smell love it oh thank you I went to bed and usually with the other one every time I uncover myself to go to bathroom mama be like oh my god what a smell this one I had covered myself and went to the bathroom.

Wait a minute did smell yielded and and the tan is beautiful like that orange ikana thing it's a very natural look and I use it a lot for coverage of veins and stuff like that totally any really lasts longer.

I would I am very very impressed I throw away everything else because I couldn't stand the smell or the other ones oh my gosh you passed the throw away test Alison I did I Sonya you know it's women like you that I made the product for it.

You've no idea I'm nearly in tears here it's.

Heartening to hear from the people who actually use the product for me and who love it and are you understand why you know whenever we go to trade shows and things people come up to me and.

Funny they go to me to go do you know that it doesn't smell and I go yeah yes no no but really doesn't don't go no I know yeah I know that but it does it did you find what do you find about the fade because for me that's another thing is the way that it fades off.

Naturally it's.

So important because you just don't want to have that whole as you say that that whole snake skin thing the detailing it's not good it's not good yeah and it's not it's not like um like others don't dry fast this one dries fast yeah and your skin doesn't feel that kind of tacky feel like the heavy feel on it yeah yeah I'm telling you when you take it off it's a beautiful see like orangey look and NS it it starts fading away it's not like a like patches yeah yeah yeah you know ya know extreme fades away like you have a suntan and you need to go back and get another one again do you know sunshine. This is what I would spend all those weekends in the lab for I worked on this for like two years it was.

Hard to get it right and we just worked it and worked at it and worked at it and when we started to you know involve the organic ingredients we worked it and worked at it moreover tonight it's good for this it's just exactly what I tell you what I did it for you really you've made my year Sonya thank you very much have an awesome night thank you for calling thank you very much thank you enjoy enjoy we're gonna do the Shh art because Ellison you know we said earlier when we started you have to choose one of three shades if not the shade that you are no the shade you want to be exactly it's how much darker you want to get soon you can choose anything you like and it's all going to look gorgeous but if you want at the equivalent of a day in the Sun then choose the light if you want the equivalent weekend in the Sun choose the medium and if you want the equivalent of a full-on holiday like you've just been on Sean then go for the dark I'm trying to stretch my Puerto Rico Puerto Rico has now fully faded time you go back to this back to Vida over here and they are done tell the Queen of England hello I will you know I'll say hello to the baby - yeah could you please little Princess Charlotte action she is going to be obviously accepting that Queen's Award for a second year in a row very soon we've got philosophy coming up we've got.

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