Vita Liberata Tan Review | Intense Mousse + 2-3 Week Tan

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Today's video is going to be a review on the Vita Liberata Tiago 810 mousse and the intense silken mousse tinted cell 10 first of all I'm going to start with the two to three weeks in one because I don't have a whole lot to say about it basically what it says is long-lasting color and a perfect fade every time using thin pH no.2 technology this advanced luxury product gives an instant and long-lasting luxuriously dark tan with a completely odorless light airy and instantly dry application it nourishes the skin with marine and organic botanical extracts that allow the turn to last up to four times longer than regular tans very easy to use and basically it just says completely odorless quick and easy to apply dries on contact unique moisture lock system for 72 hour hydration perfect fade very long-lasting.

This one it comes in a 125 ml bottle and first off I have to say these are extremely pricey pricey tins I bought them from Priceline when they had a 40% off sale.

I that's why I got two I would never I don't think ever pay $75 for a chair that I had never tried before.

Vita Liberata Tan Review | Intense Mousse + 2-3 Week Tan

I got them half price and I didn't know which one to try.

I bought two.

The pros of this one basically I agree with the fact that it's not sticky it's doesn't have a smell and it dries nicely it's not unpleasant to use I don't agree with it being like. This is the darkest shade that they had it's not dark it comes out when you apply it very very sheer and basically what you're supposed to do with this 2 to 3-week 10 is you're supposed to apply it one night shower the next morning go about your day apply it again the next night do the same thing the next day apply it again the third night.

You're supposed to apply this three nights in a row to get it to last two to three weeks I'm going to be honest I have not done that I cannot be bothered when I put my fake turn on I put it on once a week and then I scrub it off at the end of the week and I put a new layer on I don't want to personally I know that if some people want it to last two or three weeks it might last two or three weeks if you do that but I just personally don't have the time nor the patience to do this three nights in a row to get it to last.

Overall I probably would not recommend this one unless you do want just the last hint of color for me I just like to have a nice amount of color on a regular basis like I just like to look nice and tanned and healthy I do think they're a bit tense out there than this one for the price I think this one's around 75 dollars or something and you guys I just think that's way too much for such a small product and the fact that you have to use it three nights in a row I just yeah I can't really see the point in it.

This one is not.

Much a winner in my books but the intense silken mousse tinted self tan mousse this one's in dark as well this one is a different story I absolutely love is ten it's what I have on now as you can see I just put one layer on it's just a nice bronze color it's not like to me this just looks like a the most natural tan it doesn't look fake at all.

This one's the same size you get 125 mils if you pros of this one again with the other one it's not sticky at all I can sleep in it and it's just a dream to sleep in because it's not sticky it's not uncomfortable to wear it's just beautiful on the skin it just feels like you've got moisturizer on your skin.

I definitely agree that it's not sticky I'm sorry I forgot to read what this one says it does let's rewind it basically says all these same things that the other terms said it just says intense isn't easy to apply light and airy tanning moisturizing moments with a beautiful guide color for instant bronzing while you wait for your own lusciously dark and flawless tan to develop in four to eight hours the luxury formula is again what the marina organic botanicals for a lighter result choose one of our one start or to start products so. This is the 3 star intense and yet basically I really really love this term I agree with the fact that it's not sticky again like the other one they're not sticky they don't smell honestly they're very very pleasant to wear on the skin I have no hesitation and bring this on and then going out because I know I'm not going to feel sticky and uncomfortable.

That is an awesome awesome Pro this the color of this 10 is absolutely beautiful I love it just when I want a nice natural-looking 10 and it does fade beautifully it fades like my saint-tropez does it just fades without having to scrub your skin and they really make your skin red raw from trying to get your turn offs.

Yeah I think it's a really nice overall 10 it would be perfect for a beginner who hasn't really used self tan before because it's pretty foolproof I just did the sloppiest application last night like I was not in the mood and it came out beautifully like it does not look like I had trouble at all.

I really really like this tan there are a few cons though again basically the price of it is just.

Damn expensive like why why did that have to be.

Expensive and like I've used these paid four or five times I have you.

Much product I probably have about one to two turns left in this and to me that I find that was really disappointing because the color is not crazy crazy dark and they call it the intense color.

If you wanted a really dark turn you have to do two layers and honestly you just don't get enough product in this I don't think they even come in bigger sizes yeah these little bottles are.


I really really really wish that they had came in bigger bottles and maybe that it was a little bit darker because that way you wouldn't have to apply two coats.

That's really my only con with it I just don't really like the price and I don't like how much I've used in such a short amount of time like makes me sad I don't want to spend $75 on a new one this one I if you're thinking about trying this one out I would definitely definitely recommend it if you want to spend the money on it I say go for it it is a beautiful turn as I said I love the color it's.

Nice um it's just yeah it's very expensive and it doesn't last a crazy long amount of time yeah those are basically my thoughts on the 2v2 liberality and turning mooses and they do have other products they've got creams and all sorts of things.

If anyone's tried any of the other products please let me know down below and if you tried these products let me know what you think if you have actually done the two or three week ten and applied it three nights in a row can you let me know what that's like and I might consider trying that but yeah for now I probably wouldn't repurchase it two or three week one and I probably would repurchase the intense tinted self tan mousse but wait till it's on sable yeah that's pretty much all I have to say about these two turning products I hope this was helpful I feel like this was a really short review but I didn't have a whole week to say about them and yeah I do hope this contributed to your knowledge that future Liberata somewhat anyway, thank you very much for watching guys please let me know if you have any other products you'd like me to review or try out and yeah I'll see you in my next video ah.

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