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Mm-hmm ready ok you hey guys it's me it's late eleven o'clock ready to go to bed but before I go to bed I'm making a three-day project to make these flavored sprouted almonds and I want them to be ready for tomorrow so let me just oops sorry kind of show you what i have here i have three trays of organic unpasteurized almonds mm-hmm that i sprouted for 24 hours re soaked for 24 hours to release the enzyme inhibitors and make them more easily digestible then I dehydrated them in my excalibur dehydrator on a low temperature for about 24 hours it's eleven o'clock at night i'm just going to whip these up flavor them and I there are my flavors of choice I'm going to stick them back in the dehydrator so that tomorrow I can take them to the studio in the afternoon as a snack so this is a good snack for me I enjoy it so these this tray is going to be chocolate flavored so they're going to be chocolate covered almonds and I've made these before and they're very good and this tray is going to be an Asian one it's going to i'm going to use toasted sesame see and ginger seasoning sesame seed in your seasoning and there's no like msg and that or anything and then over here this last try is going to be like a mexican flavoring so kind of like kind of like not like Doritos or something like that so i'm going to show you how i do it i use those flavorings and i use organic maple syrup if you don't want to use maple syrup go ahead and use whatever sweetener you like i know some people like the up ghahve I just really enjoy maple syrup I'm from Canada I grew up eating maple syrup and I enjoy maple syrup and so i will be using maple syrup I do have a ghahve in the pantry though if I do run out so I know that some people think that I gavi is acid forming some people say it's fine I really don't know and I like maple syrup anyway so that's what I'm going to use soap ordinaire about a half a cup of maple syrup I'm going to get about a taste tablespoon of the raw organic carob powder maybe two tablespoons as you can see there's not really a precise measurement here I'm gonna get i'm going to add like a big heaping tablespoon to big keeping him keeping hables flows whoa TP tablespoon of the cacao organic raw cacao powder I'm struggling with this I'm going to use my handy dandy little whisker and i'm going to list all of this together so it makes a nice like kind of like a sauce you know to this you know what I'm think i'll add a little bit of vanilla I have some organic vanilla here i think i'll add some of that and if you wanted to really like get adventurous you could add some cayenne pepper or some chili powder because you know chili and chocolate go good together and ok so to this i'm going to add just for a little bit out extra texture about a tablespoon of cacao nibs now to all of that I'm going to just jump in my almonds so of course I'm making a lot of omens right now so you know adjust your measurement sir according to how many you're doing hopefully this will cover all of the nuts and then the the syrup dries hard the maple syrup dries hard so these really these chocolate-covered almonds they'll be really hard and really delicious I enjoy this recipe it's easy to make it just takes three days to make it because it between the soaking and then the dehydrating the first time and then this last dehydrating won't take as long because basically the almonds are dehydrated you can see that now I did try and to skip the second phase where I tried to soak the almonds and then before I me hydrated them I would flavor them and then I would dehydrate them and you know just once then in turn out so good they that what happened was that them the maple syrup hardened and it made it so that the inside of the almond stayed moist so I realized I couldn't skip the second step so I have so good they're real treat and you know almonds are one of the nuts that leave an alkaline ash in your body and when they're soaked like this or easy to digest easier to digest smells very chocolatey and it is very chocolatey so you could you could add goji berries to this you could add maca powder you know you could do whatever you want it to this and you can see they're ready now when they're done they will be sticking together so I'll just kind of break them apart to Thompson what about strawberries well strawberries won't have to be dehydrated look so probably tastes good though you could stick to dehydrated strawberries in with the second step when you're dehydrating the almonds the first time and you could look someone together mm-hm so I'm going to clean up on weds second one huh hello yep okay the second flavor I'm going to do a little bit too friendly I'm going to put these is this flavor is the asian on a recipe that is I actually kind of like this one better than the chocolate ones if you're just got the sweet salty thing going on with a little bit of ginger so I'm going to just put you in here and then I'm going to afford the maple syrup on them and i love the asian seasoning which I want a cleaner the camera sorry okay here go you want me to tighten it you're listening it bloopers bloopers and then I have the Asian seasoning which I want to stick to the outside so I'm just going to coat I'm going to coat them with the maple syrup make sure that we're very nicely coated and that maple syrups just you know adding that sweet element and being like an agent to a sticky agent to dry whatever it is you want to put on it you mean really your imagination you could really put whatever you want in on whatever your taste buds are accustomed to okay so now I'm going to sprinkle this on it and it has some dry ginger some sesame seeds and garlic so they're they're coated a little bit of that flavor they smell good and then I'm going to jump up on the sheet and then I'm going to sprinkle it with a little bit of Himalayan salt that's how I've been making this batch first time I made him i tried to use honey raw honey but honey didn't be hydrate very well it stayed really sticky so maple syrup is what i have found works the best and agave nectar also dehydrates really well wow I actually i'm not using himalayan salt engine black Hawaiian salt in just a little bit so there's tray number two all ready to go chocolate and we have our Asian now we're going to do our Mexican okay let me clean up okay the last flavor mmm last way where I'm going to make is the Mexican flavor and i just i'm going to use the rest of what I have in here I don't know I have for a third of a cup and normally I just mmm just look at all if I have pancakes I lick my plate no kidding you don't want to waste one drop where syrup lovers we are syrup but real as we grow maple syrup yeah so I'm gonna put in just a couple tablespoons of this mrs. dash perfect pinch Mexican seasoning I'm going to whisk it up my handy dandy you can smell it here like this is dash no I don't think I've made this one before this will be a new one taste I'll be good well we're going to add secret ingredient crushed red pepper so that's going to give it spice a little spice not for the faint-hearted so this time we mixed everything together we're going to add the almonds to it and stir them up let me click off that Asian there you have it don't think I can add and have about a cup of almonds or two left over here plane I think I'll just leave them playing in case I want to use them for addressing or let me see let me taste I'll be good okay I'll put those on the dehydrator talking about sweet and salty it's just so good Oh hold on this my homage will fall right through there we go so those are going in the dehydrator time dehydrating at 105 and I'll dehydrate overnight and probably they'll be ready in the morning time because Norman's already dehydrated so it's just really the coating on the outside and then I'll put them in an airtight container so that they don't rehydrate because we're a humid down here and then have snacks for several days unless my family eats them now this is one raw food that I have to actually hide from my husband because he'll eat them all on my two days I'm not kidding so that was just a fast video show you how you did this good night so here we are it's a next morning it's about eight o'clock they've been dehydrating about eight hours the chocolate ones are done so I took them off the tray broke them up put them in an airtight concealer an airtight container I mean the other ones were still a little bit sticky so I actually killed them off the Teflon and I flip them over and suck them on the match so that the air plenum get all around so they'll be done hours and then I'll take them out and I already have I already have a request over here for more and more nuts you like them Katie Hayden is eating the chocolate covered ones this morning after he's had his Pole and clams right and some lemon water mmm good mmm what's the texture like let's take care you
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