vlog bitter organic apricot kernels and turmeric

Hey guys! how are you I've been filming like tens of different videos and I are sort of failed to upload them and then because it's been such a while since I actually did the videos they just don't feel relevant anymore.

Yeah I'm just gonna dispose.

There I suppose and I've been oh my god my children are gonna be.

Very dirty don't touch you with your hands please yeah mommy gonna clean the matter when we come home. Okay, you want to try this one. Okay, we are at the local outside gym where there is always no one in here at the moment and my kids are exercising covered in mud but what I wanted to talk about with you mostly they do it together do it together Daria show Downey. Okay, and then they tried to sit in here well done everything. Okay, I well oh well down the VD oh well done bravo wow look at that well damn anyways I've been doing a lot of like yes you did it a lot of food and health-related research and trying to improve the diet na na na dining ok now boys boys listen listen we're gonna go up the hill now ok we want to have a look on the views ok let's go.

Yeah trying to improve the the diet of the entire family really ish you know every little bit helps and we little honestly sit right there is a hill in here it's nothing to Steve but like in three minutes you're going to come on me hope off no no no no we got it catch DVD.

First thing that I decided to naviga wait please.

The first thing that I decided wash with a little care let's go together try turmeric and enthusiastic SI alloys I'm about new stuff I got like a kilo guess I thought you know they put everywhere that you're supposed to like the whole spoon and we've got only like a small small jar. Okay, we've got the massive dogs coming to play hello Jackie hello hello gently hello I know something. Okay, now he's gonna boy never it's. Okay, yes. Okay, daddy yes.

I owner that want to heal a pack of turmeric well done davidi and I met it yesterday yeah we go ahead I'm a tattoo yesterday and no no we can still going over there because we want to have a look at the view chiki hello hello um and I'm ella te I made it with cinnamon and some clothes and lemon and I added a little bit of camel mile to it and it was manageable but it was not very impressive and are you tired. Okay, go we go here. Okay, boys boys let's raise who gonna catch the tree first who's gonna be there first. Okay, Ready Steady Go and.

Yeah I mean I joined a car but I was like it's her ride I mean you could deal with it if you were thinking about it as of medicine and they're under the recipe there was this woman but i weld and a VD and weld and avi cool you want to run again. Okay, Ready Steady in the graph would oh. Okay, to the crash I'd it's cheeky go ahead check out a tree with then it go and yes it's a pretty tree. Okay, my two-year-old is already climbing up the tree check him out goat.

Um alright yeah.

She commented in there that she loves the tea.

Much and whatever she's good left from cooking in the day before normal she be you suck or whatever she's good laughs from the day before ok try damn no you try now you try no you try Danny.

Whatever she's good left she puts in a chiller in a refrigerator and my glasses are getting steamed up. Okay, slowly there is a steep hill boys this way this way and she uses it in her smoothie in the morning and I felt oh my god that's like for me really disgusting like you know now I I could know the deal with it and I can deal with love of stuff in the morning but I could not deal with a smooth you made with turmeric he is a liquid like nah candidates sorry oh gosh gorgeous day finally is being such a strong wind in here and have your rain and like all the fences of my neighbors down and trees in the street. Okay, this way boys and today it's finally a nice day just bring it out come this way quick what happened what happened he wanted it or we gotta go this way a look boys look is this pretty yes. Okay, we take one for Donny off a DVD Oh their mommy help you ok ok here is Danny now with kuwait mommy help you know it's a w-wait and here is the VD and let's go yes we're gonna go this way can you see the path over there there is nothing in there ok we can't have a look at them.

Yeah I sort of questioned at the fur a bit and.

This one thing that I wanted to share with you if you've got some may be better recipe for turmeric tea which would make it a bit more pleasant or desirable to drink ok i'm not sure if i don't want to go in there boys let's go this way cuz it's not nice in there let's go this way i look how to spring started here in can can you see that guys look at the flowers I careful sharp ok yeah the ends of it are sure back then I on him out yes no you couldn't beat you till eight o'clock and the other thing that I ordered a getting a bulk.

Is it sharp good only did Danny don't eat it why because it's not tasty no it is that basic hi I know da vida fool is apricot calm I think I'm having a issue with YouTube aware yes I keep watching you too much stuff on YouTube and like there is like too much information happen in about everything and everybody says something different.

It's sort of crazy but I've got like a kilo of apricot raw better certified organic apricot currents coming in.

Let's see how did hey guys.

Yesterday I. Okay, I'll tell me what happened to me.

First of all when I was filming the video my battery my battery on the phone ran out.

It's the phone just turned itself off and then which was really funny and I sort of wished that I could have it filmed that we were coming the hill down and I was saying to the children be very careful be very careful.

Did you know you don't fall down and obviously I slid down the entire Hill I was covered in mud and there were the boys young boys like teenagers leaving the skate park and they just like we're laughing.

Bad i was laughing as well cuz you know it was funny it's like you know it was funny it was good good well good once we get home I we just like good I'm dressed in the door and put it for what machine anyway, I was saying everything shoes included jackets like the look but i was saying.

Um hopefully gonna arrive today a kiss today is monday.

Should be alright I am really looking forward to discover how am I going to do with the apricots curls I mean I actually remember eating them as a child and I remember how horribly phase her day where I you know as a kid you just eat an experiment with things and as I can see the phone holder is a ride for like sad nap and stuff but the video is going to be really one beleza dated and what I'm going to do with the efficacies I'm gonna soak them and the people do it don't need you because I'm such a copycat gosh stop wobbling you think my driving stability of the wobble or is it a quality of trees in sevenoaks.

Yeah I'm gonna do that what I'm aiming to do is to to use it as a cancer prevention item.

Correct me if I'm wrong but i think that i'm going to be using i'm going to first try it out myself and see how I feel because I don't want to give the entire family indigestion or something I obviously I'm not going to give it to the kids or if then maybe like one a day or something but it'll deleted anyway.

I would have to like process the earth ash out of it in order for us to eat something.

Bitter even though Danny did a little one he is like such a funny little fellow I mean first thing in the morning he comes down to the kitchen and I make like a during the Christmas we were really ill.

I was making my mama's garlic soup which is like super strong garlic super ride it like its trunk and he fell in love with it.

Much that he dad he is literally having it every day ever since.


I yeah I'm making it every second day and it lasted for two days.

Yeah it's it's been pretty funny.

He had garlic soup eight in the morning and then you know old people on the mobility scooters in the middle of main road is like really funny and then he saw a jar of gherkins and he had he had five gherkins big ones you know nuts and wear blue warbler little gherkins about proper big arrogance.

He is just.

Funny you know like but you know you've got kid and you know and he eats.

Much it's just ridiculous you've got kids who don't eat it all the good kids who are very keen and eager kids who eat really weird foods like my children do actually um a kid of a friend of mine at british family she is obsessed with sushi she well she I don't know now but at a time she was not even two years old she was obsessed with sushi and she even like headed several times with you you're savvy and stuff and the pickled ginger in the world because she just took it from the plate and she was fine with it you know it's just it's quite the theory isn't it it's some people think that you're you should feed your children especially at the early age very mild foods.

That you don't put too much stress on their palate but when I think about it there are kids who automatically no just choose without thinking about it was more flavorful even like what are the overpowering foods and then a good kids who will barely eat plain rice you know ah alright oh my god alright guys I'll see you soon take care and I will update you how I'm enjoying the apricot seats you're gone I think I'm just gonna soak them and I'll eat them you know throughout the day one here one there apparently you are supposed to chew on it real hard because it has goody Siana there's something some points on it it but there is apparently some enzyme in our saliva which breaks it all down.

You need to chew on it a lot and then like keep it for a long time in your mouth.

That the enzymes can the enzymes can work of it.

That's what I'm gonna do I'm going to be chewing on it instead of a chewing gum mmm bowl initials and how but I'm killing all the poison in it. All right, guys you take care and talk to you soon and be good.

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