VTech Learning Walker

Hey guys! and welcome today I wanted to show you a new toy we got myla it is the v-tex it to Stan learning Walker I really like this it's a really good for learning and their motor skills you know you can start off by turning this on right here has a little book and a little music thing down there it's like little animal sounds ah colors mifa.

So funny right oh cool rattles down here does come with a phone.

They can play on the phone act like someone's colon or someone's calling them or they're calling someone.

Triangle 12 circle 3 square there's also a son cockadoodledoo little barn door here we also turn it to the music you can turn each one it has like different five different piano sounds whole son one two three two one.

VTech Learning Walker

I really like this it's very easy to take apart too and they want to sit down with it or on the floor play with it it's also easy to do that.

I was gonna like let you see my love playing with it here she really likes it also. This is very easy to hook back up here just put them back in the little buttons and then you hear it click right there there also is a one and two here on the ground one means uh it can go.

It can let go when they're trying to walk or stand and then also if you want it to stay.

That way it won't move any also it does slide a little on carpet um.

I do recommend you know always being around the baby if they cannot stand or walk on their own or we can turn it around here and let you see how she plays with it she really enjoys a playing with the little rattles down here um she also likes pushing these little buttons making the cow Moo she likes to play on the phone hello someone on the phone thanks for calling my love.

I just wanted to share a little bit about it again it is the vtec sit and stand sit to stand learning Walker um there is batteries that already come in it they are double a batteries that are included it has 70 over 70 songs.

That'll be nice all different one set of the same one myla what do you think about it do you like it do you like the smiler also i'm not sure if i mention that it is about 29 99 on amazon i will put a link in the description just in case you wanted to get it off amazon um like i said i really recommend this uh it's very uh learning for myla hands on she likes the different textures I'm she gonna do like circles here and she can push down here she can pull these out they come out push back in tells her what color what number it is she really likes that barn door uh oh is the ducks in there I see him quack quack. Okay, well thanks again for watching until next time uh yeah thanks stay by my law.

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