Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine | Crew Review

It's a crew review now see this you're going to say that Gale is a submarine hi it's Gail from Seattle coffee gear and I'm doing a crew review of the mini press oh it's actually a espresso maker that you can have on the go and. This is the pump you probably wondering what that was that's the pump and it locks in now. This is you know. This is just another device on the market for people that like to have their espresso on the go. This is where the hot water goes scoop and on the other end your cup and. This is the filter where the ground coffee goes and then it goes this goes down the top of it the water passes through and comes out right here into your cup.

You know we talked about this for you know what would the applications be Oh camping we talked about backpacking although it's a little bit heavy for backpacking its twelve point eight ounces.

It's a little bit heavy if you're really going in the backwoods and you want you know something lightweight it might be a little heavy for that but car camping you know maybe you're going to hotel and you're sick of their coffee that they serve you could bring this you can always get hot water right.

I'm going to brew for you and I want to show you how this works you just simply fill this up with coffee and you give it a one scoop only give it a light tamp put it together put put this end on hot water in here and then pump it through what they do recommend first is actually pumping some hot water through it to preheat it and we notice that seem to be an important component because I brewed one without doing that and I said well it tastes. Okay, but it wasn't hot.

Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine | Crew Review

Make sure you do that and be careful don't burn yourself. Okay, let me get frothing pitcher that we can put some hot water down in and it takes several pumps about six pumps whoops I locked it shut to for the water to come down into the chamber and then you start getting see and then they say when you're pumping no more than one pump per second.

Don't go too fast. All right, we've got some hot water through there I think that's enough let's do the rest well I'm not gonna mess it all here one scoop one level scoop no more than that that's real important evidently pre-ground is. Okay, we we we had a grinder up here we had a mother and.

We were kind of joking that you buy this and then you take your Mauser along one tamp light tamp put this in here like this put this on here like this water in the lid here be careful with this.

Obviously you don't want to burn yourself. Okay, and I'm going to dispense it down into the shot glass to show you. Okay, it seemed to be a dribble coming out of there just didn't want clear water and again we're filling the chamber with there we go starting to get a little resistance now. This is not going to be your you know a grade shot. This is something to get you by while you're on the road or whatever it's not going to be the best shot you've ever had just a little dribble coming out now that's it I can feel there's no more resistance there.

There there it is it's not bad I would say it's a little weaker shot it's us what we measured this 7 grams of coffee you're brewing through you could probably cut back on the water a little bit you know just less water to make it a little stronger.

That's the mini press oh and the nice part about this as well is that for storage this goes down and voila all these pieces and parts I would say the pros and cons it's compact it goes back together really nicely as you can see it the cons I would say a little bit messy I lots of pieces and parts now if I take this apart now I got to go clean it and there's quite a few pieces and parts and you want to dry it all up before you put it back together and.

No that's the pros and cons on my side a little bit heavy for backpacking it's not going to be real suitable for that unless you have a Sherpa which hey maybe you do mini press Oh check it out on our webpage we have it for sale now and comments if you have one of these and tell us the results that you get from it and if do you cut back on the water or you know we might do experimenting and try that ourselves and let you know subscribe and stay tuned for the next crew review you.

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