WACOM INTUOS Draw, Art, Comic & Photo REVIEW (2015-2016 Models)

Hello there. I'm artist, Aaron Rutten. And in this video, I'm going to talk about the new versions of the Wacom Intuos tablets. That's the Wacom Intuos Draw, Art, Photo and Comic. These are geared towards different kinds ofartists. It's really kind of more of a re-brandingeffort to help people be able to find the right tablet rather thanactually featuring any kind of upgrades or improvements to the tablet. Becausehonestly, these new tablets are just about the same as the last version whichwas the Intuos Pen and Touch, which I have here. Actually, in some ways, this tablet isbetter because it has an eraser.

So let's go ahead and take a look at thedifferent kinds models and let's see how they're different from the olderversions. So I'm here on Wacom's website Here's the new Intuos models. Youcan see that they look really nice. Now visually, they're a little bit differentfrom the old models. The Express Keys are kind of at a diagonal here.

They're kind ofa pill shape. You'll notice that there's this kind of dot matrix. I don't knowif this is supposed to help you with doing precise drawing or whether it'sjust a design element, but that's new. And then the pen looks like it's kind ofdowngraded. It looks like the older bamboo pen. It's missing the eraser,so that's kind of strange. But other than that, they have basically the same specsas the generation before.

Intuos Draw is the basic version of the tablet. It's the mostaffordable it doesn't support touch, but it would work well for drawing if you'rejust getting into drawing and sketching and you want to try it out. This would be agood recommendation. If you're more of an intermediate artist and youwant something a little more professional, you can go with the Intuos Art. TheArt tablet has touch and it comes bundled with different digital paintingsoftware. It's a little more advanced and you can get this in a medium versionwhich is a little bit bigger. I recommend getting the bigger version if you'reserious about drawing because it's nice to have more gesture space to draw with.And you can see here on the pen, there's no eraser.

WACOM INTUOS Draw, Art, Comic & Photo REVIEW (2015-2016 Models)

Let's take a look at the Intuos Photo,which is a lot like the Art tablet. Except it comes bundled with photoediting software. Same goes for Intuos Comic Comic is basically the same as Art andPhoto, except it comes bundled with manga and animation software. So I'mgonna pull up a little chart here. This will compare all the versions andspecifications This is the older version of the Intuos Pen and Touch. And the Intuos Pro which hasn't changed at all, but is still thebest professional-quality tablet that you can get. And then here are the newversions of the Intuos. The Draw, the Comic, the Photo and the Art.

And you cansee that the specs are all pretty much the same. They have all of the samepressure levels the Draw is the only one that doesn't have a touch feature. Theycan all be upgraded to wireless, but the wireless kit is sold separately. With theIntuos Pro, wireless is included.

Here's where the major differences are, in thebundle software. The Draw comes with ArtRage Lite; the Comic comes with Anime Studio and Clip Studio Paint Pro; the Intuos Photo comes with Paint Shop Pro andAfter Shot Pro. Or if you're using Mac, it's Macphun Creative Kit and AfterShot Pro. The Intuos Art comes with Corel Painter Essentials 5, which is areally good digital painting software program. And the old version of theIntuos Creative Pen and Touch comes with Autodesk SketchBook Express and ArtRage 3 Studio, which is a pretty good program for painting. The Intuos Procomes with Autodesk SketchBook Express, Corel Painter X3 Trial Versionand Anime Studio. Now this is the bundled software for US customers, so that maybe different than what you get if you live in another country. And this issubject to change because occasionally they do change the software that theybundle with their tablets.

So you can see here in the eraser category, none of these newerversions have an eraser, but the older model does. As does the Intuos Pro. TheUSB cable length, I'm going to assume is probably pretty short on these. I don'tknow that for a fact because I haven't actually had one of these hands on. And Idon't see any specs on their website that says the cable lengths. But on my Intuos Creative Pen and Touch, the cable is pretty short.

The cable is a lotlonger on the Intuos Pro. And that makes a difference when you're plugging thisthing in. As far as Express Keys, all of the new models and the old model have 4 express keys that can be customized to perform keyboard shortcuts and othercommands.

The Intuos Pro has 8 shortcut keys and a radial wheel which you can use to zoom inand out. As far as Pen Tilt, none of the new Intuos models have Pen Tilt. The CreativePen and Touch does not support pen tilt, but the Intuos Pro does. And then downhere at the bottom ,you can see these are who the tablet is recommended for. So if you're just doinglight drawing, editing and annotation.

Or if you're kind of a beginner, you'lprobably want to get the Intuos Draw. If you're doing comic art and animation, you'llprobably want the Intuos Comic because then you'll have access to this reallygood animation and drawing software. If you are a photo editor, it makes sense to getthe Intuos Photo because then you'll have the photo editing software. Ifyou're an intermediate painter, you'll probably want the Intuos Art, Intuos Creative Pen & Touch or the Intuos Pro depending on how much moneyyou want to spend.

Out of all of these tablets, which one shouldyou get if money is not a concern? I would go with the Intuos Pro becauseit's a really the all around best USB tablet that you can get right now. Alright. So I hope that answers some of your questions about the newWacom Intuos tablets. If you enjoyed this video to a quick second to clickthe Like button and Share this video with your friends. And you can Subscribeto my channel if you want to see more videos about tablets and digitalpainting. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next time.

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