Waller Family Reunion Day 12 Trondheim Norway

This is how to not do your makeup. This is what happens when you blink as you're putting stuff on really good value it I think you need more practice oh I'm doing it takes to Christine's Diaries ok do it seriously though the last day before we enter Oslo also join time is the first capital of Norway its original name is need arose and then before or after that it was throwing the N and then after that they had a revolution or a revolt where the government didn't know we want to be me two rows with the people were like no we wanted to be thrown the M.

They settled for trong time that's your history lesson for today thank you bye just don't know hug drive dry it out with a car that doesn't mean I don't have a drop can't open the car I'll think you should be allowed to drive first of all that's not my car.

And no one gave me instructions on how to open the car it's not my fault if I fumble about 15 furry restaurant in Trondheim Norway she has pointed her finger mix it up for different diaper party maybe all the stuff I'm nachos and christine's and me and with Laura up north he's talking to himself with the mic facing correctly unlike some people oh you won't be any thought to be edited out well maybe not that Oh night drinking beer what the fuck oh man that's.


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