Waller Family Reunion Day 14 Oslo Norway 2016

It's Wednesday morning to the battery's dead.

We're having brown cheese thingies and croissants with ham and cheese and cappuccinos and a key cannoli thing you know and uh yeah let me change battery look what I found family hug.

Just give you an update on the family mom and I went to the National Gallery of Oslo and we saw the Edward stuff I don't think I'm counting Famer and he's in the region one of the most famous famous Norwegian artist I mean he's most known for screen like that really like impressionistic painting words like not like that what do you think of it mom I would never at the end of it cuz I'm an art student or I wasn't art student.

If I didn't go to a museum that would be horrible huh. Okay, lots of money free to go art school and I don't want to go to a museum it's. Okay, though it's. Okay, okay signing off I'm guy is chic honchak that's strong that's a korean japanese restaurant. All right.

We got the dough.

Bibimbap are the missus bulgogi for the myth and california rolls for me and it came with cucumber kimchi radish kimchi cabbage kimchi and stuff this leaves and etc etc etc my korean food taste has been satisfied oh I am no longer a rice monster my mom yeah I don't know are you sure what about you hmm yes my japanese food is been satisfied I know although i did read in a book that apparently oslo is a place that people eat everything other than norwegian food because when they were growing up they would always be eating norwegian food in their houses and.

Once they grow up they all wanted to eat different kinds of foods like japanese curry and italian volleyball a lot when you can that were Americanized with American not too bad not too bad got my rice and me got my kimchi and me check out my dad next to me ladies gentlemen we have our target 25 yards and closing ten yards and closing I think we've acquired her targets she's done she wants to go downtown.

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