Waller Family Reunion Wrapup Scares and Pranks 2016

First morning back from vacation to Norway I said we also have more than 80 ours which is good shut the Laden's made it completely dark.

Everybody got a good night's sleep gotta head to the frankfurt korean market i also want to stop at globus to see if they have any oktoberfest beer i didn't see any at no rae beg katrinka market here.

I'm having doubts what what what what what Oh Mon thought that that was from Thailand which it's not it's from England just let you did it free supplies but it just seems straight you're supposed to pull at home where we're wearing our Norwegian shirts on the couch you're wearing the region shirts on the couch you guys never use the couch.

We're going to use it for a family photo oh and then we're gonna take another photo within the next three or four days where we're going to be just like out the Bollinger be kinda hard to take another photo in the next year four weeks isn't it three or four days I said and you can totally rewind that internal Satan no I'm just saying though that yeah sounds reasonable since the next three or four weeks it won't be possible days I said days I didn't say you said weeks I just making another inference that's like well of course this guy to be within the next three or four days buddy hahahaha Nina's are you out here cuz I can't be in my room the whole point of you not being in your room.

That your hey Amy be another cappuccino see I take his coffee.

You have to follow me I'm secret balls if this guy should take its GoPro tune my taste test for coffee mmm good it is a little stronger now I'm gonna long buying. All right, daddy Christian oh Jesus hahaha tread very lately and come quietly.

We can't tell which door you're being too quiet give me that GoPro you are you are grounded from the GoPro ma ba ba i Chuck when we did stop doing that yeah see you should stop doing that ok Bob no student that means you're staying right here I have work to do no you tell me and you eat my ramen ah I thought that was my lunch he well yes from our own ramyun I said no I'm not hungry anyway, thank you I'll be right here sit in my chair here I even put the thing down we'll be right here yeah and what he's really doing with busy is like like that actually what kind that don't like the egg which means any different camera this won't work which is why I brought in the tripod I know you're gonna try something I was waiting for this guy for that last clip just let you know you'll see that's pretty good you done damn it hmm watch your language young lady or kids watching this show oh wait we shall we Wohlers eat cheesecake come on check another bite I'll show them yep. This is how we Wohlers eat cheesecake possibly melese you know folk in the glove box maybe I to put out maybe one more thing no oh my god you guys are animals filthy animals you and some PT you in the Navy.

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