Waterless Car Wash by Eco Touch | How to Wash Your Car Without Water

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash is a scratch-free cleaner and protectant for the exterior of your vehicle. The non-toxic and biodegradable formula breaks down contaminants quickly and effectively. In addition a layer of protective polymers adhere to the car's surface which leave a just-waxed glossy finish. The product can be safely used on a variety of surfaces including paint, windows, headlights, bumpers, and wheels. Start by examining the surface of your vehicle. Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash is intended for cars that have light to moderate road grime.

If your car is covered in mud, salt or sand you'll need to do a quick pre-rinse as the product can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. You'll need two microfiber towels. The first for cleaning, the second for polishing. Fold the towels in half twice, giving you eight sides to work with.

Working one panel at a time, mist Waterless Car Wash onto the surface. Using light strokes, wipe front to back with the first towel. You can apply more pressure on follow-up strokes once contaminants have been removed. Using the second towel, gently buff the surface to remove additional formula while also spreading the polymer protection. You'll find the surface is left smooth, glossy and with a wax-like finish. Wheels are easily cleaned by simply spraying and wiping. When cleaning glass, less is more.

A small bit of formula and a dry microfiber goes a long way. We suggest working from the top of the vehicle downwards, leaving the lower body panels for last as they tend to accumulate the most dirt. If your wash towel becomes heavily soiled, simply switch to a fresh towel for best results. Performing a Waterless Car Wash is a safe, easy and effective way to get professional results without the mess in just minutes.

Waterless Car Wash by Eco Touch | How to Wash Your Car Without Water

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