Waterpik Cordless Advanced Water Flosser, Brilliant Black WP-562

On the recommendation of my dentist I bought this Water Pik water flosser is the handheld version there are designer series their top and at the beginning of 2017 model the actual model number is WP 562 and I just got it this week from Amazon for around $90 never have used such a thing before heard of it total some sort of innovation but I was surprised to find out it existed since the 1960s or 70s pioneered by this company Water Pik of course nowadays there are many other brands out there but I decided to go with these guys since there are the pioneers of this of this product it's a pretty interesting device it comes with four tips included for our rapid charge so unlike some of the lower end models who use a chargeable batteries this one doesn't direct it changes to the wall ex require design the main feature which I lost about this is the compact size and then it's a waterproof so in the morning or in the evening when you're taking showers you can use it under the shower instead of making a big splashy mess in front of your sink comes with a 2-year warranty and 14 days no questions asked money-back guarantee if you don't see improvement with your gums and emulated conditions I'm pretty excited about about that I like it's bulkier models it takes up less space hood required the other feature which I personally went for it was that it uses global electricity so when I traveled to Europe where I'm from I can take it with me and not have to worry about power converters so let's open the box and see what is all about on the top congratulations message greets us from the manufacturer promising us healthier gums and providing us with a number can reach them should we have any questions pretty nice next is a pretty neat little brochure QuickStart guide talking about charging the device sitting in with water using one of the three power settings based on how you feel and then applying the right 90-degree angle close to your gum line pretty straightforward right we have a small travel pouch so you can take this neat device on the road with us and keep our gums clean when we are on a holiday or for business travel seems pretty pretty good quality next we have the charger so similar to your classic electric toothbrush this will be the charging station lengthen your sink then this goes into the power outlet and this is where the device charges up contactless pretty neat [Applause] aha it's making some noise already okay welcome I guess we have to be careful when I'm using our language especially with the current situation of the u.s. immigration and customs control right so let's see what we have here for the main show tonight wow this was much bigger than I expected and it worked online in the photos and demonstration videos coming just compared to my head size right I definitely expected something smaller but you can never be sure with those things right so we have the power button we have selector for three power settings and then we have the water container here my Brent is also recommended that in addition to water you can also add Listerine or any other rinses so this is the main device and then here are the fell heads which the post promises for different applications right and I think this should be it maybe there is something more what am I missing here oh I think this is the power kit nicely branded where you can store safely and cleanly I can only open it there we go the heads will divide whether at home or traveling so I am going to give this device a try behind camera and let you guys know how I feel in a few weeks thank you for watching and take care of your oral hygiene
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