We R Memory Keepers - Laser Square - CHA 2016

Hi I'm Kurt senior designer at we are memory keepers this year is our new laser square the laser square is great for aligning pictures and stickers on your paper we have a vertical laser here and it goes back and forth along here.

You can get the measurement exactly where you want we also have the horizontal.

You can go up and down.

If you're aligning pictures and you want to get pictures or a piece of paper in a specific spot it is great for aligning that we also can use it for doing letters.

We R Memory Keepers - Laser Square - CHA 2016

If you want to come over here you can then align your letters up and then if you have a specific distance you want your letters apart you can just keep moving this along the laser square also comes apart for storage.

I can turn this off you can take comes apart comes apart like this you can also snap it back together if you would like to do some aligning for other things and then the mat also folds up for storage just like this. This is a prototype the actual one actually has a little more printing and things on it but. This is the prototype for the show but. This is a lot of great luck very fun to use.

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