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Hello I wanted to I just got my Loris chinese clone quick change tool post and i just wanted to share what i got in the package how much I paid for it and a little bit about how it works I did a lot of research on YouTube and some research on the internet and I found that most people were saying the wedge style over the piston style quick change tool post was the most desirable so what I picked up from by the way I purchased this from a company called CD Co machinery corporation everything is direct from China I believe they have a warehouse here in the United States but WWC DC Oh tools calm and for this set which included a quick change tool post a mounting hardware that I'll show you in a moment and five quick change tool holders that included a three quarter inch boring bar holder another one that will hold a boring bar in a V slot hopefully that shows up on the camera there um chatting a little closer there's a V slot right here and this round tool is notched into that next the regular tool loader up to one half of an inch there is a knurling tool I don't know if I'm going to use it it is there I do have the option to do so and on the back side of this you can actually mount this reverse to the lathe and cut from the backside as well and this is for up to a half inch square tool as well it is not matched for a boring board there is a cut-off tool holder and I did find out that the cutting tool of course is smaller at the bottom then at the top and this actually has an angle so that you can mount it straight up against the face and your cutoff tool will set straight in there without being shimmed and then okay and I've showed the 3/4 inch boring bar as well so what came with the package there's the tool post itself the nut to secure it to the vise take this off right quick here we go there is a shaft to mount it as well as a flat piece of stock that you can mill to fit your lathe if you desire somebody may desire to actually bolt it and some lathes do not have the dovetail or straight slot and you actually have to modify the tool post there's a few people who did that on YouTube just look up quick change to holder and you'll find there web posts on how to do that for their particular length and maybe yours how does this thing work on the bottom if you look let me show it from the side here as you move the handle you'll notice that there's a wedge here and a wedge here and as that wedge goes down it actually expands this side and this side of the tool holder itself until the dovetail and the tool holder is securely held on the inside of this is a Acme gear like you would find in the chuck quick-acting chuck on a lathe and that pulls these up and down in these two t slots so it seems like it's extremely well-made even though I haven't had a chance to use it and I won't for a month because my lathe does not get here for a month so help me know how it works one thing that I do want to cover that I thought was intriguing on the Internet you don't need shims to make to Center your tool on your work with these what happens is you have a nut and this nut the small nut rests on the ledge right here above the dovetail and you can adjust your the height of your cutting edge to the center of your work simply by adjusting this nut when you get it where you want it take this one and just pinch them against each other and they'll torque each other down so this will stay in place and if you're doing multiple items and you need to change tools to complete steps before you actually uncheck and reach up another piece you take your tool off you put your tool back on and it's already set up and they get I had to take a file and round this corner off because this dovetail was a little bit fat on the top but that's all I had to do in order to get all of these tools to fit on here nice and smooth and this just rides the dovetail here's your nut right here for your adjusting height adjusting nut right here that adjusts the height of the tool of course you take it down to raise the tool and you loosen it in order to lower the tool up against your work height and once you've set your tools all you have to do is place the tool and tighten down this nut it'll draw the wedge down inside the dovetail until it's nice and tight and it's it's secure on there once you dog it down that's the whole thing I got a set of boring bars with my set that I purchased as well as well as to cut off tools for about two dollars a piece now the nice thing is the quick change tool post and the five two holders came together as a kit they were extremely well oiled no corrosion and it was 98 dollars for the set with free shipping the boring bars were $14 these are half-inch and as I said this is a 3/4 inch boring bar holder so you can hold your half-inch and your 3/8 inch boring bars if you have them in the wedge and with this one Peter I'm going to have to purchase later on if I need them three-quarter inch boring bars or I'll take a piece of steel and make an adapter so that I can extend these for longer work because as you can see they're not very long if I need to reach down inside of an item or a project then I will be able to extend them with a bar and a set screw and that is it for $98 not a bad set I'm very happy with it so far once I get to use it I'll post another video thank you for watching if you have any questions when you see this post them I'll attempt to answer them but I'm not making any promises
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