Welde Bourbon Barrel Bock Beer Review

This is the Bourbon Barrel bak from the Frankfurt craft beer fest comes in at 6.6 % k VV 28 I had to use it's a little light on the mouth feel and it's got a medium weight amber copper is color you'll see veteran pitchers at front already saw us and let's take a little bit further down of you might find out quick down to 30 hopefully this recording.

Our back for the pile on the barrel a Spock i think is it warms up you little bit more of it bourbon flavor in the background but it's definitely not to be handy honey it was ok it's a little different but I don't maybe if I had more or something like that got more custom do it takes me to like market not particular without looking for not bad here something try if I have a chance to try another barrel aged beer I will.

That way I can kind of make a comparison to see how well somebody else is done but other than that but small I got to say for this one what they do with the ipad thing that excites think it won't more that I want to do love a clock I probably won't do it.

I'm going to bring the bike to work tomorrow.

I'll probably watch a few more videos drink some water hit rack.

Hey thanks for watching this new review until the next time pink beer I don't know why the cameras at me akhian would see into the ipad pilgrim but it sure beginning to piss me off.

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