Westvleteren beer review pt I 2016

Got lucky the other day my daughter was coming to Norway and they were offering West flatterin trappist beer at the store comes in at ten point two percent abv very difficult to get I'll explain that after i have my daughters initials reactions on don't roam and taste what's that like my opinion matters I don't know of that oh that's a cute one gosh I bad for bad pour that's on me we drink another beer before this hello huh ha boy.

I got let mine fell down a little bit I guess would go for a Roma anything from her for a Roma it's dark never seen a dark aroma before or smelt one either as far as still smells like beer maybe a little bit chocolate. Okay, how about he's a snit mine chocolate chocolate. Okay, let's do the comparison yeah I really did it bad for.

You can see the color looking into the light it's a cloudy dark beer should give it a go good carbonation hmm pause unpause.

This fear if you want to buy a six-pack of this beer you need to make reservations and they start 60 days in advance by phone and they literally get thousands of phone calls every day the trappist will not make more beer to meet the demand because they only make enough for what they need to survive as Trappist monks that being said there were two cases of beer at the store that I went though selling this i bought two bottles.

We can have this beer review and see what this was all about. Okay, not only is that what I feel like there's gonna be some like trick of the day hahaha is it not here it is beer that's 10.2 percent a TV you can see the you can examine the Capulet if you like yourself.

What's the catch hey the catch is i paid oh no I don't want to know I do I sixteen dollars of Allah is it do you think. This is a rip sixteen dollars a bottle not personally but yeah I i have to agree is that it's not yeah I have to agree it it's not one of my top beers it won't go on my top shelf and even without thinking about the price it's not I think I have some others that I'll i prefer i still think the chimay grand reserve I like together and i'm only paying three euro a bottle for a 750 milliliter bottle. This is a 330 milliliter bottle at 60 notes now mind you if you go if you make the reservations to go up and you have to go there to to grow up to the monastery in Belgium you can get it a six-pack I don't know what the actual price is up there I'm sure it's not that high but.

It's a commodity it's a rarity because they only produce X amount and there is such a high demand for it it's difficult to even make reservations to go up to see the the monastery and buy the beer if if you if you if you can get a case if you drive through and then you can only get like one case every two months or every three months or something like that but I mean yeah maybe if you're gonna resell it I could see doing that but there again I think it's too much trouble for a beer that in in my opinion isn't that great to be you know the trouble that you got to go through thanks for being on my westvleteren beer review house bottles see I don't know anything about beer well it's not beer it's it's a morir German custom to use the bottom of beer glasses because they're solid and they don't break maybe that's why in Chicago you like cheers and then you put your you clink your glass on the table and then you drink that's probably Chicago they know it's a Chicago thing I don't even know why I do it I just do it cuz it's a Chicago thing and it's a little not quite as good at hiding the alcohol I can get the alcohol a little bit alcohol and the aftertaste and the finish well that'll be it for part one of the West flutterin trappist beer review part 2 I think I'm gonna save the second bottle I maybe try it in a different venue and see if it changes hit any like food eating it with bread and cheese Sultan ok the Norwegian cheese was a ground cheese oh you should do a review on the brown cheese oh my god we should do a review on the Braille and cheese. Okay, we have a slice that we got a slice or guys also another clip on daily vlogs from Norway family trip check it out subscribe like all that stuff share share and you get more with less.

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