What Did I See - epi 02

I don't know if. This is going to work or not it you know if I don't record this people at the office are going to think I'm just being a joker like I always am at the office.

Let's give it a shot. All right, hey there if you're seeing this I'm trying to prove that what I am seeing it is not a joke you know I already tell anybody about what I'm seeing people at the office would think I'm joking because I'm always trying to get a laugh at the office you know and since that last week nothing unusual happened Oh last week.

I'm I'm deep in my thoughts in my room and I'm nodding off and I see somebody maniacally laughing on the other side of the room and boom they're gone I mean you know just like that and I don't think it was a dream it's too vivid I mean have you had a dream.

Vivid bright colors old noise the whole nine yards have you had a dream like that Wow here's the real problem how am I gonna prove it you know I I can't carry this camera around with me everywhere I go you know it's not like I'm one of those crazy youtubers that carry a camera around with them all the time. This is way too serious oh I got it this happens the feeling I get happens when I'm tired or I've been drinking let me get a beer alright. Okay, I've got my beer here goes nothing I don't like drowning beer like that but ah let thats a little bit oh.

This morning after waking up I fell back asleep and I know you guys dream about flying.

I'm in this building and it's like I can I can I can jump up in the air and will myself to be able to float in the air and.

I'm I I mean forever I'm always in my dreams trying to convince people I can fly yeah.

Here I got this group of three or four people watching me I'm like. Okay, and you know I just try and make it work it doesn't work like. Okay, let's get into this bigger space and I get into bigger space I jump up and I will myself to fly and I'm hovering over the ground like oh my god you can do it unbelievable.

Here I am floating around this big space and people are looking at me like what the world's this guy doing how is he doing it he's kind of like that's weird.

Have you ever had touched my dream dream where you just simply you can jump or you can flap your arms or you know you can just fly on the wind you ever had that type of dream huh looks like a pretty uneventful day today maybe I need to do it later in the day or at night time good beers not beers not working hmm anyway, maybe next time.

At least I got the joy Bureau outside ah.

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