What did I see - episode 04

After visiting professor Vargas and her assistant Nick I felt confident that there's something that I can do to stop this from continuing I spent the morning picking up the parts i need for the reg 1167 JP and I think I'm all set to put it together for security i'll set the passphrase to all dogs are smart just try the grounds first see if this works are not all the way hand push this down yep lake in push that down we're taking the leftmost wires let's go to this same color one here. This is we get three of them. This is the most important part ensuring that all the wiring goes to and from the correct circuits. All right. Okay, initialize.

Wish me luck just looked as an example there's one that showed us 61 degrees with the which is 16 degrees Celsius.

We pushed in hold set should hit go to f1 and look lik here is a for f1 then we have to hit set in 10 degrees we want this to be 16 16 Oh F 2 which is a variance I'm going to increase that by a degree push power to set it bingo wait a minute let's just plugged in when I left and turn down to hell 24.4 16 and one that's right maybe well maybe I just played me unplug it before I yeah maybe I just don't find it for without i guess i gotta clean this mess up yeah.

The next step is the brew.

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