What did I see - episode 05 - Suspense, drama, sci-fi

Alright we've got to reg loved in 67 JP ready to go.

Now it's time to grow up this concoction debt with it should help the interaction from happening anymore let's head outside and get to brewing it's boiling now time to take it off the flame and add the liquid extract. This is a pound and a half of extract that I've heated with hot water in the kitchen sink.

It's easier to get it out of a plastic container I need to stir it.

It doesn't burn on the bottom and to help it dissolve in the water I need to get it all in there yes it's coming out nicely next will be the compressed pellets that will need to add these are the one key ingredient that begins to real boil time that's right throw all the peloton stir them around make sure that they dissolve can't have any of those lumping together or sticking in the bottom they take a little bit more care to get them in there right away. All right, now that it's finished its 45-minute bowl time I need to take this into the house and cool it down to about 70 degrees Fahrenheit my fermenter is prepped and ready to go now comes the special yeast edition have to have just right in there not too much and not too little perfect now for the proper aeration and hydration of the yeast kind of give it that bumps what gets started correctly or it'll fail completely and now that seal it off solo in the carbon dioxide escapes nothing else can get in it keeps it pure and perfect to brew is between 72 and 70 degrees just where I needed to work its magic now I'll place it in there custom-built container for controlling the temperature 18 degrees Celsius for the best result in fermentation over the next several days I need to be vigilant and tap control and monitoring the fermentation.

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