Where Do You Start When Laying Down Peel & Stick Tile? : Flooring Help

Hello everyone i'm joshua coyne with IT contractors and today i'm going to talk to you about where do you start when you're laying peel-and-stick tiles now for this job you'll need a couple things for this job we'll be using a straight line I'm going to be using the level as a straight line I'll also be using a tape measure and a pencil I don't recommend using the chalk line on this what it does is it leaves the chalk on there and it won't allow the peel-and-stick tile to actually heat to the floor it's going to get that chalk on there and you'll end up peeling those up so when you use this board as a room and the first thing you're going to do is take your tape measure a measure from one side of the room to the other side of the room and then you're going to get the exact middle of the room and then we're going to put a line there and you'll measure the other way get the exact center and put a line so that way you end up with an X and then you drop down a little bit further and you put a line that way we can put our straight line on there and actually draw a line there so we know that our tiles are running nice and straight then you take your straight line and match up your X the line back here you'll draw a line that way you have your straight line then you'll take your peel-and-stick tile remove the backing then we will take the peel and stick put the corner of the peel and stick right in the middle of your X and then run it straight across with your line start in the middle and your work your way out then we'll take our other peel and stick put it right up make sure you match up those corners and you should be running straight on this line do it where its budding up first so you'll push down real firm right here where they join together then you'll work your way out that way it doesn't move on you and you end up with crooked lines and then you'll go ahead and run the rest your floor the biggest thing to keep in mind is keep your floor completely clean of all dust and debris and make sure you're running straight on that line I'm Joshua clinical IT contractors thank you so much for watching good luck with this project
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