Why sprout and sprouting REAL LIVE RAW Almonds

The sprouted almonds are the wetlands and I'm going to explain sprouting in a minute but the best way to eat those sprouted almonds is to take the peels off and the reason I say that it's very it's easy to take the peels off what to do are you ready okay yeah that's okay the best way that you know you can eat them with the peels but without the peels thing about the peels especially if you're trying to heal your digestive system is you don't want to eat things that are really hard to digest and the peels are very hard to digest so they sort of irritate your digestive system okay so once you sprout them they're pretty easy to take the peels off let me explain sprouting to you what sprouting is is soaking whatever it is in water so that it starts germinating basically it starts to become a sprout in other words it's ready to grow as a plant so that's what we're doing to these almonds there's a whole sheet that I give you on sprouting but basically what I've done is put the almonds in a jar put water and then you need to change the water about every 12 hours you will notice on some of your almonds you'll see a little white tip on some of the sprouted almonds that means the sprout has started some of them may not have the white tip sometimes it takes as long as four or five days for it to sprout but you can eat them after 12 to 24 hours they're soaked enough to where the lectins are soaked off because you're going to rinse them you rinse them every 12 hours to pour off the lectins and pour off you can't leave stagnant water anyway because you know bacteria can grow so you're just going to you're going to rinse them every 12 hours and you do that with everything that you sprout but the main reason that you sprout things in the case of almonds there's two reasons one you want to rinse off the lectins and two almonds have phytic acid which is a quote-unquote anti nutrient prevent you from absorbing calcium and magnesium so you don't want to keep ingesting things that are damaging your digestive system and preventing you from absorbing nutrients and unless you sprout your almonds that's what they're going to do
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