Why Squirrel Gathers nuts

If you love to wonder why Tim got you guys a land or why you would believe your eyes why I spin from chichi one more trunk is long sleepless why why why you ask story tales from Africa tears from Africa ching ching ching tell me why was will tell us lots giggle table is excuse me mum Kate don't know but but there was a time when squirrel didn't gather nuts oh no she was far too busy lady a bushy tail jumper monkeys Samba is the manga for me uh-huh no we can't find any more mangoes I'm hungry squirrel do you have any nuts and over words and over twice the plate squirrel do you have any of those yummy max sorry monkey I'm too busy braiding why are you always reading a tail yes why got to be neat monk it's got to be nice how do you braid and oval ones hand over twice got to look neat got to look nice hand over once I want to try that's not like no that's not right at all it hand over once and over twice got to look me Oh got to look nice oh oh I'll have to start all over again and over once jumbo Jarrah's jumbo jumbo Jamboree monkeys can you see any mangoes up there mmm no funny that I can't see any mangoes at all jumbo square please I don't want Oh too busy breeding that tail of yours to see a jumbo hand over ones jumbo tortoise handle but twice I don't know what Tinga Tinga is coming to when an animal is too busy to see a good morning to an oil tortoids God look needs got to look nice has anyone seen any mangoes are come find any anywhere me to me tea I think we should talk the lion seems like food is pretty hard to find at the moment let's go come on elephant help the monkeys please Road Oh thank you have fun button aren't you common squirrel it's important I'll be there in a minute tortoise gotta be me - got to be nice I do not nor mangoes in Tinga Tinga and squirrel is too busy breathing her TL check telephone Okies weird for me Oh what's pretty braiding thank you spider Asante oh you know how it is I got to be neat got to look nice oh I know I can't bear it if one thread on my web is broken you know squirrel I could weave some flowers into your tail if you like add that finishing touch Oh mucho ah it would be my pleasure well now you mention it I can't find any truffle I'm never hardly any termites no worms either this is no good this is not good and we hit the last mangle oh no was that the last mango did you eat the last mango in the whole of ticketing of a Louisiana font easy bees no honey left no honey there's not enough food and what about the nut situation where is squirrel she's bleeding up who she tale don't buy the mango tree when there is no food no food no food I'm down elephant everything will be okay thank you your majesty now animals listen this is a time when we must all work together food is short but together we can find enough food for everyone isn't that right hands together we can do anything together yeah that's the spirit if we all make an effort there will be enough food for everyone now go look under every leaf look under every Rock over twice gotten the wage got to look nice together purple together spider all the animals are searching for food be with you in a minute dr. Bailey needs gotta be nice on believable and over once wonderful price got a lovely very present very interesting well I'm Meg god gratulations animals enough food for everybody where is squirrel well the last time I saw a squirrel spider was breeding flowers into her till when every beast is searching for food in times of trouble animals must work together this is not the time to weave fancy flowers into bushy tails now everyone cover up the food but no buts squirrel boss blood hi he did it squirrel yes your majesty squirrel and spider have you brought food for us huh well no not exactly at your majesty you see squirrels tail came undone and looked a complete mess Oh got to be late got to be nice Your Majesty but we have no food no food no no food at all huh no food no dear nothing at all not a single leaf no food oh do you have any food for us to eat a nut maybe two or three nuts I'm terribly sorry I I didn't realize I haven't got anything except a very pretty tail forget the tail there is steady food no food don't move for anyone Jimmy Oh spike maybe I just just a minute I love nuts elephant spider oh of course your majesty I'll spin a web and catch some fly rides away lots of nuts well the co-discoverer well square can be quite useful when she's not breeding her teeth better late than never squirrel can't have animals going hungry a majestic precisely catch some flies spider quick all the animals are hungry there aren't any flies Oscar nuts must gather not squirrel your tail your tails gone all bushy oh forget the tail forget the silly tail I've got to be neat got to be tidy got to gather nuts got to find nuts that's enough squirrel you can slow down now oh no I can't your majesty got together nuts got to find nuts squirrel it's all here yes squirrel cool little deer but that's a wonderful but look we did all find a bit of food but we could never have too much food look oh stop well I don't think we'll be running out of food again for quite some time it is too kind dose and that's why squirrel gathers nuts in fact from that day on she gathered nuts all day every day that's lucky because I love nuts spider have you caught any fly food yet oh no sorry your majesty nothing yet and spider in her web oh well that's a whole other story come on dance you back come on soon sugar sugar shake it down jump all wrong tales from Africa Africa they did big you
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