Wii Remote Dock + Wii U GamePad High Capacity Battery from Nintendo Hands On

Hey everyone got a quick look at a couple of product straight from japan for the way you and the week I wanted them to the way as well is this a nearly double capacity battery for the way u gamepad in this thing here that I think is about three hours of life.

I've already taken the battery pack off basically you turn that off first then replace it right here you see how it goes that come do a little screwdriver just screw this rest of it you can get it off here we go there's your problem by the way you battery is.

Crap doesn't even fill out all the space in them out of the packaging scrub it out some flour some instructions on how to do it this kind of stuff here but there's the battery the cap can't read any waivers in Japanese most of it hmm now we're going to replace that linear who will your lap that's where the extra capacity comes from.

Let's pop this sucker out look at how you do that is this one looks exactly same slide here in New poor lasts nope. Okay, yeah before I put the lid back on just down see photos ok seems to work the other thing gullible and it's this thing we battery charger and Doc finally Nintendo after gazillion years got around really supercharges the way around.

It comes with a 3d s charger which is a used to use it obviously this one's not going to work with this from Japan.

I could just use one of the visit mizulina wit laying around here inside the box I have nothing else to do come back that with a missing wii remote dock there's all that plastic off that's going to get.

Many fingerprints hated already some the contact pad there.

What else we got some z's package but. This is more expensive than the battery thing was about 60 of a dollar and the battery was like 40 there's a fair amount you here.

We gotta strap strap not that kind of strip wii remote condom with hole for said contact pad you can see how go on and battery pack now stupidly I didn't grab i waver mobile for us started this but you can say that would just snap on in place feels like a brand new wii remote it doesn't look tacky at all actually I'm gonna go get our where am i plug it in let's have a quick look got a gross all we remote get these batteries out and grab the battery charger pop beautiful fits awesome comes pre charge by look of it will be putting that on put on the dock and it's like a old telephone cradle nothing really sitting there but enough to hold it in place and blocked on charge obviously three DS charger plugs in there now you can buy this box set and that's probably really expensive but you can buy these separately for extra wii remotes I hate wii remotes but i'm not going to buy a seven expertise on top of this sync button on the outside you know what took them seven years to deter alright.

Quickly grab the gamepad that and screw this back on now these screws do take a lot of effort to get off until I open this box and actually got the screwdriver that came with it with this nice little hand a lot of ability turn that we do know how to do squeeze up I don't need to show you gamepad back on.

There you have it that's the wii u gamepad battery the bigger version we were my doc battery pack and both of them i got from high asia birminghamal find soils and there's no word yet if they're going to be coming to australia or not thanks for watching.

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